Date: 14th February 2021


My name is Aditya Iyer, and I’m currently a senior in high school. The pandemic has definitely brought unforeseen challenges for all of us. For me personally, it took a toll on my health. Due to an unhealthy lifestyle, I ended up putting on nearly 25kgs of weight. Although I’ve tried to get my health back on multiple occasions I would often succumb to my innate craving for food. This new year I did see some phenomenal results. In about 25 days I lost 10 kgs and came down from 85kgs to 74.5kgs. However, on the 26th of January, I dislocated my shoulder and haven’t been able to exercise to the best of my abilities. However, I kept my diet in check so my weight more or less remained consistent. 

I was scheduled to get my surgery done on the 8th of Feb and since then have also lost focus of my diet. I have eaten everything and anything that has come my way thereby causing me to put on additional weight once again. Tomorrow is the 15th of Feb, 2021. Exactly a week after my surgery. I intend to get back on the grind. Keep my nutrition in check and workout consistently without risking my shoulder of course. Mainly I intend to focus on cardio, lower body workouts and abs along with physiotherapy for the shoulder. I currently weigh 78 kg and my goal is to reach 60kgs which happens to be my fighting weight. The body fat % that I'm aiming for right now is around 15%. As of now, it's 36%. 

I’m going to be documenting this journey so if one of you is ever in a similar situation or I myself find myself in the same spot in a few years down the line, this can serve as inspiration for all of us. 

This journey is going to be documented every day and I’ll be dropping my workout routine for the day in case you want to check it out! Food recipes on the other hand are a lot more complicated so I’m not committing to giving you every food recipe. However, I will also be mentioning what I ate and how many calories I consumed along with how many calories burnt. I hope you find inspiration in this to reform your life and create the lifestyle that you want! Stay tuned for more updates regarding my journey!