Social Media Trolls And Trollers

Zeba Sheikh
Apr 30, 2019   •  77 views

What is social media?

We all are familiar to social media, Social media is a platform where everyone has a equal rights to express what they think and what are they feeling about particular subject. People from different countries, cast, communities come forward and forget their differences. But now social media has become something else. People make fun of each other, they publically humiliate other people and insult them in order to be cool.People have become more insensitive, they even try to make fun of those posts which shared on social media for awareness. And this is called “Trolling”. Making fun of others is not new but saying hurtful things that affect people is inappropriate. I myself do all this things, I make fun of my friends but I know my limits, I know where to stop, I know the difference between making fun and insulting others.

Who are this Trollers?

Trollers are those people which socially humiliate and insult others and sometimes this Trollers say vulgar things too. Most of the Trollers hide their identity. They create their fake profile and then do their dirty things. Why they hide their identity? Because by this they can say anyone anything but no one knows about this Trollers, so other peoples cannot troll them or even if they report this person nothing will ever happened to the actual real person.

Most of the people who are victims of all this trolling are actors, cricketers and politician. Well, I understand about the politicians but cricketers and actors!!!! We all will agree that this are the main two biggest source of India to make money. Then why Trollers troll them? Simple, to attract people’s attention. And they succeeds in their work, because we react to their trolling. And sometimes actors too. Which is totally acceptable, because making fun about their movies are okay but about their personal life is unacceptable. Why should they listen to those people who have no idea how hard it is for them to act on screen even when nothing is fine in their personal life. But they can’t do anything and so do we. They simply ignores all this because they know that this people will say anything to gain attention and half of their trolling is just fake. Those people are also trolling or judging actors who have never even participated in their collage play also, funny right!

Well I am not saying stop reacting on their trolling, because sometimes they are funny. But this can happens to all of us so we need to be prepare. We shouldn’t react to their comments and when you feel this is getting too much immediately report that person and block them. And move on in your life.