Humans are social by nature . Humans prefer to live in groups and communities . They love to interact with one – another , therefore they formed societies , they offer and attend social gatherings during festivals , marriages and celebrations .

In the early days communication and sharing of opinions and thoughts was very difficult because of the distance, so it was constricted . However , with the rise of social media in the world of internet the barriers of distance ,nationality and religion have been broken down.

Social media is one of the most important part of human’s life in today’s era. We cannot imagine waking up without finding ourselves surfing social media. We love to spend more time on the internet finding out what our favorite celebrities are up to. We love to spend more time in the virtual world rather than in the real world. Social media sites like facebook, twitter, whatsapp, tinder, instagram, YouTube, tiktok, snapchat and many more are becoming a vital part of our lives.

A human is mature enough to find what is right and what is wrong for him. Usage of social media is subjective as it depends upon how and how much time a person is spending time on social media.

Facebook is one of the leading social networking website in the world. There are around 1.5 billion active users and the number of users keeps on increasing every year. On facebook we can find users from all age groups from old to middle aged to youth to children. We love to make friends on this platform. This feature is unique from all the other sites. We can add friends and family, share picture, share posts in a much simpler manner. We can choose our own privacy for individual posts.

Instagramis in any way no less than facebook. It’s popularity among celebrities makes it a ritual to be followed by their followers. Instagram’s user friendly interface and new updates never fails to keep its users involved in it. One can choose the privacy of their account. They can keep their account either private or public. People can follow their favorite celebrities. Instagram is very popular for it’s, “Instagram famous “ tags.

These were only a few examples from the abundant.

Social media is a great tool for influencing the youth, the people. Social media has both good and bad influence over our lives. The use of social media solely and totally depends in our hands. The rise of social media both made or ruined lives ofmany people in some way or the other.

Scocial media is one of the best option for promotion. Celebrities use their power of followers and followings to promote their new movie, album or their newly launched merchandise. Among various sites Instagram is very popular for their sponsored posts.

One can start online business, reaching to a wide range of audience.

A lot of people and celebrities use this platform to raise awareness about environment, social issues, bullying. It is also a great source of employment. There are many top companies like T-series who by means of social media rose to the fame.

Not every child is brilliant in academics. Not every child dreams to be become a doctor, engineer, scientist. Does it means their life over? No, definitely not. They might become singers, dancers, actors, youtubers. Not every one is destined to have the same destiny as the other ones. YouTube has made lives of many people. Top youtubers like MrBeast, Pewdiepie, Ryan higa, Amit bhadana, Carryminati, Bhuvan bam openly talk about how YouTube changed their lives. What is YouTube? It is a social media platform where you can share videos.

Social media is an open source for education. One can learn from academics to singing to dancing to calligraphy to acting to cooking. It is a major source of entertainment.

However, this is only the half part of the story. I wish the other half was this beautiful but unfortunately it is not. The rise of social media has also lead to a lot of mental problems like depression, anxiety, cyber bullying and crimes like cyber crimes. Everyone’s life is different in some ways or in many ways but we choose to have the same recipe of good life as the other person’s. This leads to inferiority complex. People spend more time over the internet, straining their eyes and compromising on their physical health.

Both virtual and real worlds are beautiful. It only depends upon how we live in them. Logical thinking before every action is very important.