We live in a society where the happiness of the people around matters more than our own. Well it isn't really bad to think of others happiness but when it starts becoming a reason for your downfall, it certainly is a problem. We see almost everyone doing something for someone. But have you really thought of doing things for yourself. At every step, the thought that what will the society thinks haunts us like a ghost. We end up enslaving ourselves to their never ending desires. The one very basic thing that we need to understand is that their isn't any limitation to our capabilities. But living in a society where you're constantly judged makes certain invisible lines around you, which in reality don't exist, but our mind perceives them to be there and hence we end up defining certain limits for ourselves. It has rather become a system, that we so desperately want to end but we ourselves become a part of it at some point and we think of it as something that can never be put an end to. And hence we see more and more people getting into it than out of it. We're indeed free but within our cages.

Are you the one who wants to get out of it?
Do implement these few points if you wish to free yourself from such a cage.

Whenever you're about to take a big decision in your life, make sure you share it only with the people that you trust. Don't go around telling it to anyone and everyone. Because it'll either demotivate you or you'll end up having a list of suggestions that you'll never be able to put into practice.

Listen to your heart. At every step you'll find a lot of advices and opinions, Understand that you're not here to impress anyone. Listen to everyone but in the end do what you feel is right.

Most importantly Don't feel guilty, if you disappoint someone. Every action of yours will make a lot of people happy and it'll even disappoint many. Know that the one's that truly care will eventually be standing by you no matter what.



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