I was new in town, my friends invited me to their party, I didn't want to go at first but they insisted so I couldn't say no, something I still struggle with to this day, saying no.

So I left home and after half an hour, I was there.

So many new faces, there were like 30 people there, of which I knew a couple. My friends started introducing me to their friends , socializing!

After meeting a few people, one guy caught my attention, it felt like he was new in the city too.

In about half an hour, I observed him and felt he was trying way too hard to fit in. These people at the party started drinking alcohol, which is pretty normal here apparently. It seemed like he was not someone who used to drink and at first, he maintained a distance.

After sometime, someone at the party offered him a drink, to which he said no. Everyone started talking & mocking him not taking a drink and I saw him getting nervous.

He felt like an outsider there, just like me, because he was not used to the things that were happening there. It didn't feel right with him.

After a point of time, I wanted to go talk to him and tell him it's ok if you don't drink and a person can live his life whichever way he wishes. I had a game next day so I had to leave, I tried looking for him but couldn't find him.

So I get back home and go to sleep, I was still bothered about this guy. I just felt bad for him feeling uncomfortable in that situation.

After waking up in the morning, going through my daily routine, I check my phone, which was full of notifications, my friends from last night had called and texted me. I checked the text and while going through it, I felt like someone cut the ground from under my feet, this guy was serious and battling for his life after drinking too much alcohol and getting in an accident while driving . After a few days, he sadly succumed to his injuries and died.

I felt so bad and to this day, it still pains me that if I would've talked to him, maybe he would've been alive right now. Life is really harsh at times.

And the most important thing I realised is to never do anything to please anyone, do what you believe in and never do something stupid to make a few friends. You'll find people who will love you for who you are.

Never change and always be you.