2020 : India Becomes A Superpower

Dhruv Goyal
Jan 01, 2020   •  5 views


Hope you all had a fun filled New Year’s eve and are going through things to get rid of the hangover. I am pretty sure, a lot resolutions might be in pipeline; right now.

This what usually I would have been doing too. To be honest, it kinda does happen when you are self procrastinating after a night of heavy drinking.

I had a different kind of celebration, this time. First things first, I didn’t plan anything. I let the party come to me and it did. As the clock neared 8 pm, I started getting calls form people that mattered and by 9; we were all gathered with whatever needed to party till 12.

I don’t drink now and I wanted to keep it that way, when I was entering a new year. It was hard you know, we think that peer pressure is nothing. But mix it with emotional torcher and a few drunkards, it sure can get you.

Since, I had a different kind a mindset when I entered the party. I was able to successfully celebrate New Year, without a drop of alcohol in me. Doesn’t mean that I was any bit productive today, I still had some kind of hangover feeling; maybe I got drunk on my friends’ emotions and party spirit.

One might wonder why I choose the Superpower title? Was it just for Pun? Yes and No.

I just wanted to let you guys know that we can be a superpower, when we stick to our guns and do our duty. I sticked to my guns and didn’t drink. Although, I don’t feel like a superpower yet; but I sure did feel great this morning. 

Never have I ever, been able to cherish 1st Jan; let alone see the morning sun. 

In a nutshell, we need to set small achievable targets and achieve them. You can’t get to the top, without climbing stairs or a lift.

And one day, we just might end up at the top.