Why do people give water to any person who is feeling dizzy or is not well?

We have a common knowledge that water is good for health, but do you know if you give water to the person who is having a heart attack he/she will die on the spot? Heart attack is caused due to blockage in arteries and due to that blood pressure level increases and the person starts breathing from mouth. When he/she consumes water at the time of heart attack there are certain chances of water intake into the lungs and person may die.


Drinking water at a certain time of day maximizes its effectiveness on the body and can prevent heart attack?

  • Content about this has been circulating on Facebook and some supporting articles.

  • Claims say drinking water in the morning just after waking up helps to activate the internal organs.

  • Others say a glass of water before going to bed helps you avoid stroke or heart attack.

  • There are many things that each of us can and should do to maximize health. Drinking water instead of a full calorie soda is a great way to keep excess weight off.

  • But there is no data to suggest that “when” you drink water matters.

  • Choose water over most other drinks. But don’t schedule your drinking according to a fictitious claim that the time you drink it matters.