Is standing for a national anthem too big a task? Is it too hard to show respect towards our national flag and symbols? It isn't but still, for many people in our country, it seems to be an onerous task. One may argue that stuff such as standing for the national anthem cannot be the criteria to judge one's love and respect towards their nation, but then it clearly forms the basis of one's duty towards their nation.

Are we too busy with our lives, that we can't spare a few moments from our daily routine to review the effect of our activities on society? Though people may tend to show themselves to be super busy, but the reality is known to all, and so one can and needs to review the effect of thier activities and amend them if needed. This is so because the society and surroundings we live in are part of what we call mother India and is by which people across the globe will recognize us.

We, in general, expect a lot of things like from military to keep us safe, from government to provide us with necessary and even advanced facilities, from courts to provide us with justice and so on. And we are right in expecting so, but then these expectations need to backed by fulfilment of the expectations which the society/nation in large have from each of us.

So, looking after the cleanliness of our surroundings starting from our home, helping the needy ones(if possible), planting trees or at least not damaging it alongside preventing others from doing so, avoiding wastage of water and food, are the few expectations which we can easily fulfil and this help in building a better society which in turn will help the nation to prosper at a faster rate. Moreover, the satisfaction which we will get from doing this will be unmatched, as then we will know that we have played a small yet huge role in making the land which feeds us, worthy enough to be admired.

Before ending, I have a request, Can we promise ourselves, or take a pledge, to discharge our duty, and bring about a change in the condition of our nation by our small contributions as mentioned above or by likewise activities? Can we, and if yes then let's do it.

Now it's for us to decide that, whether we want to keep criticizing or start acting.



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You are correct..