What To Expect When You Become A Flight Attendant?

Barun Kumar Gupta
Feb 18, 2020   •  159 views

Expectation #1: In training , expect to study harder than in school.

The flight attendant training is beyond that how-to’s of hair, make-up, walk, and clothes which will only consume a half-day of your 40 days training. You must expect it to be hard as your last year in college and your these experience.

The passing score in India is 95%. Also, you can only fail for 3 times and if you do, you will be out of the program. There would a lot of book and manual to study. Prepare your mind to do a lot of studying.


Expectation #2: Expect to be lonely - you have to be independent.

The people you meet in the training may not be the ones you’re going to be with during your actual duty as a flight attendant. You have to develop your independent personality to survive. In India, you will have different schedules from your friends. It’s very erratic and changes. You will have your day off on weekdays so expect to be alone on these days.

Expectation #3: Expect that time will fly very fast.

Working as a flight attendant will not let you mind the time and by the time you do so, it will be your anniversary for the airline company. Days passed by so fast when your My tip is to save every day because you wouldn’t know that it’s been already 5 or 10 years you working already.

Expectation #4: Expect to meet a lot of different types of people.

There would be a lot of people you’ll meet. Overtime, you will gain close friends and also encounter difficult people to deal with in your journey especially in the Philippines of those bullies. Certainly, you’ll encounter good to bad guys in this industry so you better also develop your pakikisama skill as a flight attendant for customers and co-workers

Expectation #5: Expect to work with some people that have attitude.

There would be times wherein you have to work with some people with attitude and its usual, totally normal. Your colleagues whom will have their attitude towards you personally, wherein you might encounter a supervisor who’ll let you do your task in accordance on her preference or standard. You must really have patience to deal with these kind of people. In every industry, there would always be that people who have big ego when you become a flight attendant. Do not take anything from your work to your home, leave it there. Tomorrow will be a brand new day


Expectation #6: Expect some passengers to be annoying but stay professional.

It could be your passengers because they think flight attendants are “the help” of everything of what they want during the flight. To deal with problematic customers are part of your job as a flight attendant. Just prepare and make sure to not antagonist them but rather apply your customer service skills and professionalism towards your job.


Expectation #7: Expect the first month to be physically draining.

After flight, the feeling when you get home is you just want to sleep with your uniform and make-up on because aptitude of flying and your physical work during the flight will shock you body especially if you’re not used to do those tasks. Your first month will be really tiring wherein your legs would hurt so much, your body aches, and be drained. But make sure to take off your make-up before you sleep. The job of a flight attendant requires physical works being done during the flights. You must stay healthy, do exercise, get sleep, and eat healthy are ways to survive as a flight attendant.

Expectation #8: Expect to keep on memorizing/ studying emergency procedures.

There are times that you will be given copy of new memos which you should study and memorize word per word. The usual conception of a flight attendant is that they do not study and they’re just about the good looks. Before each flight, you will need to pass real, oral exams from your supervisor or from your captain which you’ll need to pass.


Expectation #9: Expect to be more prayerful because you become more aware of how short life is.

Through my experience, I become more prayerful because in some flights you will face danger. There would be engine failures, people dying on the flight, emergency, or turbulence. In aviation, you paid really high because your life is at high risk as the one in-charge of the evacuation, and safety precautions. With all these, you become aware and realize the importance of life and do things that you should do. In every take-off and landing of flights, I really pray and become more spiritual.


Expectation #10: Expect to grow as a person.

With all these expectations when you finally become as a flight attendant will help you grow as a person. The way you see things will change as you will value every life and take this big responsibility to fulfill your job and be the best representation or image of your airline company.


Finally, if you have worked so hard to get there. Be thankful for every moment. Expect to enjoy the lifestyle and career as a flight attendant.