An old saying says ‘people make society'

But noone said that it is the very society that makes people.

People of all kind; some speak, some listen, some observe, some follow. Everyone has their own rule to live but when it comes to judgement the rule remains same for each one of us. Society kills more dreams than reality ever can.

What the society will think?

What will people say?

Will I be enough for them?

And many more questions we all ask ourselves before doing what we wish to or want to and don't do. But the more important that we all need to ask is:

Do we really need their approval for the thing we want to do?

No.The answer we all know but the acceptance of that answer is really what we all need to know. So instead of questioning the world what they think, ask yourself what you want, the society is not going to remember you forever but will surely going to talk about you, about the change you made for yourself.

Follow your passion, follow your dreams, analyze who you really are, and bounce back to the society even more positive and give your examples to other. The society will keep on saying, keep on pointing you wrong but it's your attitude and belief that will help you to overcome them.

People and society will never be an easy task to change but ultimately it is you who needs to make a difference by your decision.