Here’S Why We Need To Respect Each Other

Otto Hodytskyi
Oct 16, 2019   •  46 views

“If you want to be respected, be respectful yourself” – this should be an axiom for all of us. To earn respect, you must first respect yourself; if you don’t respect yourself, no one will respect you. A simple “Please” or “Thank you” doesn’t mean that you show respect.

In the daily routine and stresses of everyday life, we forget about the moral obligation to respect other people, and at the same time, they don’t respect us. If you were able to earn the respect of your colleagues and friends, then you live a good life, since sometimes it is difficult to deserve it. Respect can’t be forced because it comes straight from the heart. Yes, respect is a very important element of interpersonal relationships. To feel respected is a basic human right. Lack of respect is so important that it can lead to a breakup, scandals, and even violence.

What is respect?

Respect is recognition of the feelings and interests of the other side of the relationship. Also, the definition of respect can be described as a feeling, a demonstration of honor towards others and to oneself. Most often, we regard respect as part of interpersonal communication. It can also be shown to animals and all nature, groups and even countries, institutions and beliefs. Respect can be expressed in different ways, but the rules of respect clearly don’t tolerate selfish and ill-considered behavior. First, a person must rely on the concept of respect and then act on own rights.

Why is it important to show respect for a loved one?

Respect for a partner is something without which healthy and strong relationships can’t exist. Moreover, the union of two people is based primarily on respect for each other. But to show respect for a significant other means to be respectful to yourself. Men want to be strong and powerful, women prefer to receive care and help. Only by showing respect to a partner, we can take full advantage of our position. People in love can’t appreciate each other if there is no respect. That is why it is very important to treat the chosen one respectfully, sincerely understanding his or her value in your life, and observe the limits of personal space (you have to learn how to give your girlfriend space if you still don’t know how to do it)

Respect is the best way to show love for a loved one. Relationships often don’t work out precisely because of the lack of respect for partners. Respect for people in love is not only concrete actions and respectful attitude towards them, but it is also a way of thinking, an internal recognition of the virtues and values. It sounds easy, but in practice, it turns out that it is very difficult to respect a partner. Disrespect is most often manifested in the fact that people argue with each other, check their phone, express suspicion and mistrust, scoff at failures, question their personal and professional qualities, allow themselves to contradict partners in the presence of family members and outsiders, and so on. Do you like such an attitude? Most likely, you don’t. So, you must remember that respect is one of the most important things.

Small details are important

Mutual respect doesn’t require a one-time act of courage from us. Happy and long-term relations are based on the ability to live in everyday life, behave intelligently, intuitively understand each other and help each other. On the other hand, you shouldn’t forget that the details can be achieved only with the help of good mutual communication. For this, you need to be able to thank other people, don’t shout at each other, be able to put yourself in the shoes of another person: “I know how you feel and I respect you for it. Tell me how I can help you and what can I do to make you happy. ”

What you need to remember

Despite everything that was written here, you don’t need to force yourself to respect someone you don’t like. Forcing yourself to be respectful, you only psychologically “torture” yourself. But you just need to learn a few rules of behavior and communication, following which your behavior will change itself. For example, just don’t be rude.

But here is an important thing – you just must respect someone you love. Starting today, learn to communicate with your close people calmly, without negative emotions and shouts. Remember that everyone has their own opinion. What is the basis of all disputes and scandals? The fact that you want one thing and someone wants another. When both people stand their ground, like stubborn sheep, they will not see a compromise. Learn to hear the other person, give him/her the opportunity to explain his or her point of view. Perhaps you will find the third option, which will be the most successful.



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