If I had to define unconditional love, the term motherly love is all that I would have needed to define it. Mother, the most integral part of a person's life is not just another human being, she is someone with some superhuman powers, which even she is unaware of. Starting from being our reason for existence to being the one backing us throughout our life, she is one such constant whom we can blindly trust.

The relationship between a child and the mother is said to be the purest one and is the one which is formed even before the child is born. The mother throughout her life, starting from pregnancy goes through lots of pain and sufferings just to ensure that we stay happy. For her, the happiness of her children sums up her world, be it taking care of their petty issues or be it making them understand about life.

Have you ever felt down and out before the belief of your mother in you had picked you up? Or do you remember any such instance in which she was being selfish in not allowing you to do a particular thing or go somewhere ? Or hasn't there been situations in which she has gone against everyone to support you? Once one answer these and other likewise questions to themselves, one will realize to an extent, how much she loves us and how easily she sacrifices so many things for us without even letting us know.

Another thing which I would like everyone to ponder upon is, How often do we end up unintentionally hurting our mother by shouting on them or by arguing with them or by doing things against her wish. Quite often I suppose, as in most cases she seems to be an easy target as hardly anyone dares to shout on their father or other family members. And what does mother do in reply, she keeps loving us back, with the hope that we will change for better.

Maybe every time she isn't right, but her intention is as pure as the river Ganga of older times. So, the next time we try to do things by going against her wish, do take out some time and ponder why is she saying so, by trying to keep yourself in her place. As then one may realize the real reason behind her deeds.

And please let's pledge to never do any such thing which for even once removes the smile from her face and instead go all out to make our mothers smile from within as she really deserves much more love and respect. Also as one will agree, she is a blessing for us and one can't be more lucky to have her in their lives.