We all have been here quite a few times now. When our world came crashing down right into our face and we could do nothing except to question if it really existed in the first place.

Life is full of instances that make us question our entire existence. In times like these we think we are broken beyond repair and nothing could ever make us whole again but this is not true.

In a world where everything is a rat race , it's so difficult to believe in who we are despite the pressure. Wherever we land our eyes, there is comparing; who is better than who? and we cannot help but focus on all the people doing better than we are. It shatters us. We feel so insignificant and small that we wonder if our existence really matters in front of all these amazing people. So, here we come back again, doing the worst thing we can do to ourselves ,dragging ourselves into that endless loop of self loathing.

Crying for being a massive failure in life because we aren't on the path they are, as if theirs' is the only path leading to destination.

When someone asks us what are we up to, the only words that our tongue taste are "I'm a failure", as if our life has become a synonym of it.

And we keep doing this to ourselves, in spite of the hurt, the pain it rewards us with.

We keep looking for reasons to bring our own selves down.

Not once we turn our eyes to the amazing person we are. Not once we appreciate the battles we won or the ones we at least fought.

Not once we allow our light to spread.

Not once we fall in love with who we are. And that iswhy we hurt ourselves over and over again. We try to find happiness in the instants they do, instead of defining it for ourselves. We think we don't even matter. Our choices, our feelings, our opinions, our beliefs and everything about us is irrelevant and that is where we lose it. We lack our love.

We all go through times of distress, times when we fail, times when everyone else behind us is moving forward while we're stagnant, and in times like these instead of holding ourselves together, we tear ourselves down. We assume we can never go ahead of where we have reached because this is the dead end. We build boundaries that don't even exist.

We look at others and feel devastated at their achievements and our failures and consider them to be our identity. We become so critical of ourselves that we forget nobody has it all and nobody ever could. All of us miss out on some thing in life. And all of us get so much more of that was unexpected, it turns out to be so much of what we need.

Downs are going to come and all we can do is to accept their arrival, try to find the reason of their visit and then open the doors.

Hurt is going to leave, just the way happiness did. We will all figure out who we are and that we are so much worthy of all the good things in life.

We will come to terms with that truth that we all are different yet beautiful. We do not need to be like someone else in order to be accepted and loved and appreciated.

After all this, we will eventually love ourselves and be glad that we didn't give up!



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