Is There Anyone In This World Whom We Can Blindly Trust?

Shreyashi Bhowmik
Jul 19, 2019   •  0 views

Love and trust are the two words which are interconnected with each other. If there is no trust, love doesn’t exist and if there is no love, trust doesn’t find its shelter. Relationships are based on just these mere two terms. Even we can say that trust precedes love. We can whole heartedly love someone whom we can trust.

To sustain in a healthy relation, love and trust plays a very important role in everyone’s life but everyone’s fate is not so fortuitous. In this world full of manmade people, the existence of natural human is very limited. People run after money, after physical attraction, after materialistic things but among all these things did we even keep notice or feel these two words,“ love “ and “ trust “ ?

From our very childhood we are taken care of by our parents. It is said that God is present everywhere in disguise, and we see them in the form of our parents.The parents are our first teachers. They taught us how to stand on our feet, how to talk, how to run. Home is the first place where we learn our basic manners. Then we slowly grow up, hardly spend time with our parents, more and more got ourselves engaged with the outside world. We act as if we belong and exist only for the outside world. We take all the work and pressure without questioning. But notice one thing: in this world of busy people do we ever listen to our parents? Or do we ever fulfill their tasks that they have asked us to do?

Though many people work for their passion but they are regularly paid. Yes it is true that people work for money. Sometimes if we are unable to complete our assignments in time, we get rebuked by our seniors. But parents, no they just scold us and we didn’t even bother about their scoldings or in return we shout at them. Do they really deserve this? Can we shout back to our seniors or to our boss?We never do that, never.

Then we join college, then university then for further studies we go to abroad and now most of the when they get a standard and a better life for themselves, they settle there. This is how people get occupied with their lives. And in this process only the mindset of people changes. In the path of conquering everything, people forget the meaning of love and trust. Now often we listen stories of breakups, cheaters, disloyal and dishonest persons. We hardly listen or hear about a true relationship whether it is between a husband and a wife, among the relatives of a family, between the parents and their child or between a boyfriend and a girlfriend. Trust is something that two or more people in a relationship can build together when they really decide to trust each other from the core of their of their heart . One cannot demand or prove trust; trusting and loving someone is a choice that one makes.

Our parents are one whom we can trust blindly because they are ones who gave us birth. We have confidence in them and we feel safe with them physically and emotionally. But can we trust someone else? Because it might take a few days or it might take several years to understand a person. All we need to is the mindset and instinct of the people that they behave over time. Because different situations opens up different faces of the people which makes one hard to believe in a relationship who really want love in their love in their life rather than materialistic things. It is truly very important to trust and be trusted and for a relation to run for lifetime, mutual commitment is very much needed. Then only a relationship will make a history in this industrious world. If a person really cares about someone, whatever happens he or she is not going to leave that person.When we begin a kinship, we are making the choice to trust to them but if we begin to lose that trust after several attempts, after several arguments, when the other person is only not ready to continue it, it’s better to leave that connection because where there is no trust, there is no love.