This is to those woman who have played the most important role in many of our lives, in moulding and shaping us to the people we are. She who holds all the credits to whatever good we become in life. Every mother is great, but there are some I want to thank a little more for giving me the joys of my life.

To the mother that gave birth to my parents -

Thankyou for blessing me with the best humans ever. I fail to express enough gratitude for the treasure you've made for me.

To the mother that gave birth to my mentors (most of the teachers that have taught me)-

I wouldn't know what I'd be if there was no one guiding the path I take with the lanterns of good values. It is because you've given them the values ,that they've given me mine.

To the mothers that gave birth to all the gentlemen I've met-

Thank you for making him the man he is. Thankyou for raising a man who has been the cause of my smile, and helped in my difficult times. I shall always be grearful that I've met your sons.

To the mothers that gave birth to the phenomenal woman I admire-

It's not just me but the world that is thankful for your daughter. She is the light that we all needed to lift us from the darkness we were drowning in. You are a true woman of power that empowered her daughter. Thank You.

To the mothers that gave birth to my friends-

Thankyou for the wonderful creature you've blessed this world with. I can't imagine my life if I didn't have your daughter/son always by my side. They've given me memories that I'll cherish for a lifetime. My journey would be incomplete without them.

To the mother that gave birth to the first diamond in my life -

Thankyou for giving me a mother. Yes, I'm not kidding. This girl has been no less caring than my very own mother. She has taught me a part of life that I'll teach the kids I'll be a mother to. This woman has greater heights to reach and miles to go, thankyou for giving her your grace and smile that could make anyone's day just as bright. She is as pretty as you are, ( but at the bottom of our hearts we all know you are prettier than your daughter). You've blessed me with a gem I'd never want to lose.

To the mother that gave birth to the second diamond in my life -

Thankyou is just a word, it is too small a word to express my gratitude for your creation. Your daughter has been a part of all the ups and downs in my life, she is a friend that I wouldn't find even if I searched all the universe. Everyone needs a friend like her who'll guide you when you are wrong, a friend who knows values that exceeds the knowledge of her contemporaries. She is a true blessing, thankyou for blessing her with your values. She is everything I needed in my life.

To the mother that gave birth to the third diamond -

Again, words fail to express my gratitude. She is an inspiration in my life and has played a major role in making me the girl I am. From the barbarian I was, to the little civilized that I've become, your daughter has played a major role. She is the daughter that every parent is proud of. She has taught me a life that is leading to all my good. Your daughter will always hold a special place in all our hearts, cause she is the woman that brought the real change in my life. Words fail !

To the mother that gave birth to the fourth diamond -

Your daughter and I hold a friendship that not many know of. Whenever I need her, she's stood by me. She's the prettiest friend I've ever had or will ever have. I'm sure you are as blessed as I am to have her in your life. She is the daughter that is going to sore to the heights that she has dreamed of, and has a future brighter than her smile. You too dear mother, have played an important role in my life. Thankyou to you and your daughter for being so nice to me always.

Lastly , to the mother that gave birth to me -

Thanking you for the gift of my life is just a small act in front of all the great things you've done for me. There is no me without you. I'll never be able to put my gratitude in words or letters. You dear mother, you are every thing I've lived for. I could write a book about what a great woman you are and still never be satisfied. You and dad are my treasure that is no comparison to anything in this world. You are beyond everything for me, I love you. Again, words fail.

( - Your favourite kid ; ) )



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