Best Street Food Around The World.

Twinkle Saloni
Apr 13, 2019   •  24 views

In this article we’ll be discussing about the best street food around the world. When it comes to food, all that matters to us is how good it tastes. We all have different choice when it comes to food. Some like continental some like Italian and choices go on....

But there is on particular type that is preferred by almost everyone, street food. Now street food has many varieties. Wherever you go you find different varieties of street food. Reason why one never gets bored of street food.

Talking about varieties, we’ve searched and come up with the best street food available around the world.

Let’s take a look
Jerk chicken, Jamaica

Jerk chicken is a very famous street food from Jamaica. It is said that Jerk chicken originated from the time when the Maroons brought African techniques for cooking meat. This food is enjoyed by people all around the world. One should definitely try this while visiting Jamaica.

Bunny chow, South Africa

Bunny lovers should not worry as this dish doesn’t contain rabbits. This dish contains half or quarter part of a loaf of bread stuffed with varieties of thick curries. It has been originated from India. But it is the most favourite street food of South Africa.

Pierogi, Poland

Pierogi are filled dumplings. Originated from Central Europe. Pierogi has different varieties. Pierogi is Poland’s national dish and can be found in restaurants, cafés and bars around the county.

Halo-Halo, Philippines

It is a popular Filipino dessert. It is a combination of crushed ice, evaporated milk and various other ingredients including fruits. It is a layered dessert originated from Philippines.

Roti, Sri Lanka

Also known as Kothuthu Rotti or Kothu Roti is originated from Sri Lanka made from godhamba roti, vegetables, egg, meant and varieties of spices. It is a popular Sri Lankan street food which is also popular in South India.