Healthy food


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Proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and fats are the nutrients present in the food. A healthy food contains all these nutrients. In addition to this, it does not cause any harm to health when consumed in the right proportion.

Junk food

It includes all fast foods. It is usually too oily and less nutritious food.


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How does food impact your health?

Whatever we eat will have an impact on our body. Because food is the only source that provides nutrition to our body. It energises every cell to do its proper metabolism. Moreover, food is consumed to stay away from diseases and to lead a healthy life. This ultimate need of the food is a must to our body.


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If bad food or unhealthy food or junk food, which is not suitable for our health is consumed, it will cause some defects in our body such as malnutrition, heart attack, diabetes, arthritis and even cancer. Because it disturbs the metabolism of each cell inducing them to function improperly.

Linkage between food and disease

Many chronic diseases have various dysfunctions. Researchers found that these dysfunctions are due to improper nutrient in foods.

For example, a heart disease is caused due to several factors such as insulin resistance, oxidative stress, high cholesterol, stress, mental toxicity etc. All these individual factors are caused due to improper nutrition. This, in turn, is caused due to unhealthy foodstuffs. It is now clear that food and disease has a linkage.


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Why do people love to eat junk food rather than healthy food?

Though people know the defects of junk food they prefer only junk food. Junk food gives taste and enough satisfaction of hunger. It is sufficient to fill one's tummy but insufficient to fill one's nutrition needs. Taste, appetizing colour, flavour, varieties of junk food can't match a healthy food. It fails to meet the necessary needs of our body.

Let's see the role of healthy food and junk food in the below content.

Role of healthy food in our body

  • Fruits, vegetables, nuts have enormous nutrients.

  • Eating nuts maintain proper brain function.

  • Healthy food does not include any processed food.

  • Immunity is increased by healthy food.

  • The risk of health problems are reduced.

  • Antioxidants present in berries reduce the risk of cancer.


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Role of junk food in our body

  • It lacks all essential nutrients for the body.

  • Since it contains lots of fats, it causes obesity.

  • After eating junk, you feel sleepy. It is due to drop in blood circulation because of lack of energy and nutrients.

  • Since there is a large amount of oil in the junk food, it causes acidity in the stomach.

  • Risk of heart diseases is created by an increase in the level of triglycerides and cholesterol due to junk.

  • Insulin level get disturbed as the junk food contains more sugary substances.

  • Cancer is also caused due to fats and sugar in junk food.

  • Sometimes, it also causes kidney stones due to more salts in junk.

Stay away from these junk food

Junk food has an impact on both body and mind. Various diseases have been caused due to junk food. Let's see some of them below.


The sugar content in soda is very high. It causes several diseases such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, kidney, liver gets affected.

Artificial sweeteners used in diet soda is also not good for health as it alters insulin levels.

Energy drinks

As it contains high sugar and caffeine, it causes insomnia, high blood pressure. Bone and muscle also gets damaged due to acids present in energy drinks. So it is not suggested to drink after, before and during workouts.


It also causes harm to kidney, liver as it contains extra salts and fats.

Packaged cookies

They contain more sugar and processed items. Processed items are usually not good for health. Sugar content alters glucose levels.


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Benefits of healthy food


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Healthy heart

To obtain a healthy heart, one should avoid drinking soda and fruit drinks. Hypertension and high blood pressure are the major causes of heart diseases. Nuts, whole grains, fish are good sources to prevent heart diseases.

Disease prevention

Immunity is boosted by healthy eating. Many chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart attack can also be prevented by healthy eating. Obesity is the major defects of junk food and it can be avoided by eating fruits and lots of vegetables.

Energy and growth

Each and every cell in our body needs proper energy for further growth. It is obtained by healthy eating. Vitamin A causes blindness it can be prevented by eating fruits and vegetables which are rich in vitamin A. Vitamin C rich foods boost immunity in our body. Food provides enough nutrients and vitamins. But junk food does not provide sufficient nutrients and vitamins to our body. So healthy food helps us to stay prevented from vitamin deficiencies.

"Food is medicine" is a famous proverb. Every disease can be cured by eating healthy food. So eat healthy and stay healthy.