Words hold power and how you use them does make a difference whether we like it or not.
So this May, let's try and understand a few words and how we might be using them in the wrong way.

No, you don't have anxiety just because you were nervous before a big interview, anxiety means getting worked up about small things like making a phone call.

No,you aren't depressed because you're favourite show got cancelled, depression is not wanting to do anything, where simple things like taking a shower seem like a task.

You are not bipolar just because you have frequent mood swings. Being bipolar means having episodes of mood swings which go on for days even weeks sometimes.

No, you don't have OCD, just because you like things super organised. OCD is the irrational fear of something happening of I don't follow a certain pattern.

And no, you don't have an eating disorder because you skipped a few meals.

I am not saying your problems are smaller or less stressful, but using these words demeans them. It is hurtful to those who actually suffer from these disorders. It makes them doubt whether their problems are actually as serious as they think.

And no, it's not all in there head and no they don't need to get over it. If someone had a stomach ache you wouldn't tell them to get over it. You will tell them to go to a doctor. Then why are mental illnesses seen as any different. This May let's be more understanding and attentive to those who need our help, and be kind towards them.

You don't have to necessarily understand what they are going through to be with them. You just need to let them know that you are here. That itself will be enough. Let them now that there is no shame in seeking medical help and it doesn't make them wierd or less valid than anyone else.

Help them through this like you would with any other person who has a physical wound.
Because it doesn't matter, be it physical or mental, both of them hurt and both need love and care to get better.