When You Feel You're Not Worthy Enough!

Tayyaba Noor
Jun 24, 2020   •  78 views

As a matter of fact people think they're handsome or pretty by their looks, voice or personality. But when it comes to behaviorism or using their words appropriately, they fail. They become the unwanted person in others eyes. This brings much anxiety and suffocation dealing with everyone around them. They've to think constantly about “what would I say, that won't hurt them or I won't feel like I'm being mean?”. And that basically make you question your Worth.

Before any gyaan I give, I know you heard it alot that You should Be yourself always. But the real question what if, being yourself hurt others Everytime?

I just want to tell you some simple things that I've experienced personally. Which will give you an insight of being a human first.

  • Turn off notifications or just log out from account for a day or two. -

This works whether you notice or not but it gives your mind a sense of peace. Use social media for getting good knowledge. Like searching about your interest, reading articles.

  • Talk to someone who would listen to your problem patiently-

Say or text your problem to that person who listens and whom you trust the most. Don't think that the other person will understand. You just speak it out whether they listen or read your text. (Whenever I used to had anxiety issues I would write about my problem to any random account. Without expecting any reply from it.) cuz any person would see their msg request if they see it suspicious. (#mythings)

  • Watch videos that show kindness, integrity more-

It will help you understand other's emotions and way of living. Eventually day by day you would learn the language of love and affection. Not only towards animals but also people. You'll get out of false wordings in the name of “Mazak tha yr“.

  • Watch some old, classic movies with your family-

This trick is risky cuz our generation is almost converted into a meme generation. Where sitting in a corner, enjoying such movies would make you laugh. But that's a best stress buster trusssttt Mee.


Bonus tip- Sometimes our parent or elders Don't understand us because of the way we do such things. C'mon we're adults now, we seriously need to deal with it by our own. When you really feel irritated, just keep your mouth shut and do whatever they say. After that go to a quite place, talk to any friend or listen to pop music. That's it! Avoid unnecessary arguments and try to resolve everything with love.

They're growing & only we adults have to understand that their needs and desires will be more like babies now. And as like babies they need love and understanding too which is rare in this generation.

I hope this piece of information will help you.

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