From listening to our Nani ma’s stories till playing the cards, we have all grown up so frequently. Constant nagging and all that naughtiness, which we used to display when we were kids, has now landed us in this mature atmosphere where we don’t find such childish moments again.Our childhood is really a precious one and it is so strong that small refreshment can do all the wonders.We should really take a break from this packed routine. So, come along with me down to this memory lane. Let’s become nostalgic today -

Candy floss – The foremost thing which pops up in my head is this candy floss. I have been eating them since my childhood days and these are my still favourite. It is a candy floss sugar stick which tastes sugary. It looks like a spun of cotton. We see street vendors selling them near Mela spot, outside malls and now we can find them in malls too.These are called cotton candy in America. I used to call it ‘budhiya ke baal’ back then and I had known it by this name only.Whenever I saw them I always make sure that I have those but my mommy believed that eating too much is not good for health so she always made me indulged in something else so I couldbe distracted.

Shakalaka boom boom- This show had an amazing outreach during my childhood days. It was about the magical adventures and I wished to owe that magical pencil so that I might draw everything that I always wanted to have. I remember that I was so much fascinated with this pencil that I forced my daddy to bring this for me. I am sure those who have watched it would have wished to have shaka laka boom boom pencil. How ironic it is that, at that time we believed those magical things , we considered them realand looknow , evenit is very hard for us to believe the truth. Well, those were some magical days that we lived.

Doraeamon- this cartoon and its characters are favourite of us. This show has always make up to evoke laughter at kid’s face. That Nobita and Jian fight, Jian’s song ‘ mere naam hai Jian , mera gala hai bada surila ..’ and our dear doraeamon ..haha are all time favourites. Doraeamon pocket is like a mini world of gadgets and the door through which we can reach anywhere in this world.I wish I had that door so that I could travel anywhere.

Shararat -. ‘Shring bhring sarvaling, bhoot bhavishya vartmaan badling’, does this magic spell bring childhood memories in your head? That show has its appealing charm that we all would love to watch it over and over again. How we all used to gang up and used to play the role of these witches and narrate magic spell.

Champak- Yes, this magazine is all decorated with short stories, comic stories , puzzles etc. These are favourite of kids. Itdeals with fascinating and moral stories which has great impact on kids. I remember we used to read these stories in the library lesson in front of the whole class and how we all used to fight for narrating this story.

Remote fight- this was a hilarious episode of my life. I mean, really, we did fight a lot for this remote . We used to fight madly. My brother-sister and I studied in the same school. So , what we used to do , as our bus stop came nearer weused to run from that stop to our home so that one of us can get his or her hands on it first and whoever winswill have that remote.But this competition raised many fights and because of which our mommy made a rule for each one of us. So a turn was made and apparently we all were happy hahaha those were some amazing days.

These are some golden memories of my childhood which definitely has leaved an imprint on me. I am sure you all can also relate to this. Recall your childhood which is indeed special for you.

Cheers to those Lost Old Tales!!