‘You’ are Magical’

You are a creature of a holy universe,

Created to spell the magical colors of positivity in and around you,

Yeah! Maybe sometimes, you will feel yourself as a coffee addiction or taken for granted person.

Sometimes as a cigarette butt which is thrown because it’s useless?

Other times you can be treated as a pinch of salt which is essential to flavour every recipe.

It’s okay dear; you are not destined to be treated in a good or bad manner,

You may feel caged in some situations which can be tough to you,

No worry, you can choose the situation of your choice,

You can make it magical by one step and can make it dread by the other one,

It’s never too late to come out of the uninterested or confused box,

You have a choice to switch to good or bad,

What you choose will be destined to your destiny because,

You are magical and a game changer of your own life.