Hello everyone!!! Long time, No read😉. I'm back with an article that will trigger everyone's memory of their childhood.

Childhood is that period of our life where fear, tension and worry were just words in a dictionary. Childhood was when people used to be people and not big ego machines. Childhood is when a person could talk his or her heart out and no one would tell a thing. Carefree, Relaxation and Joy are the synonyms of Childhood.

Now the title I have written for this article is "Relive" . Reliving obviously means everyone has grown up. So what are your memories which you would like to recreate and relive? Think, think. 

While u think, I'll tell a few things which trigger my memories.

Do you remember when phones entered our lives for the first time? We and our siblings used to fight for the phone to play games, take photos using the rear camera by twisting our phones in different angles and sometime even sprain our hands😉😝. Now, everyone has a phone. We play more on our phones and fight with our siblings online rather than in person. If you want to relive your childhood, try taking your parents' phone (they will also be on their phones, but that's not an issue 😝😉) and play all the games you like to play. 


Do you remember standing behind and walking behind your parents and grandparents, looking at what they are doing curiously and trying to do it again or repeating the work after them? Well I know who ever are reading this articles are all grown up and are thinking "I'm grown up, I can't do all this stuff and behave like a kid". But since the article is about Reliving Childhood, don't even get that thought in your mind. Try this. But do not try this if your parents are doing some important office/household work and they might get angry. Try it if you want but it's at your own risk and you might get a bashing . No Blame coming towards me 😉😝😂. 


Cousins, siblings, relatives!!! 

Have them around? Have a get together. Have night outs and obviously amazing food!! And if our moms cook food,then you will have double the food than you generally have, especially when everyone are together... Moms put extra food from side when we are talking to our cousins 😜. The trick that never gets old. Try it!! 


Free on weekends and with your parents having home made food? Then ask your parents to feed you!! Are you 25 years old? No excuses here. Age does not matter when parents are feeding you. You will eat more than you generally eat without knowing that you are eating more than what you generally eat 😜. 

So, the basic concept behind this article is you need to relive all the moments you can. That is when you will stay connected with yourself.

Technology has already driven us apart from reality. Let our minds not become the next technology to drive us apart from each other. Relive what you can and cherish the moments. You never know what new you might discover while reliving your old self😊. 

Have a great week!! 

P. S. An addition from one of my readers. Do you still have those landline phones with long wires connecting the receiver and the landline? Have they become an antique piece now? Try using them (if you are still paying the landline bill, then you can use it for sure 😜) 😊.