We all grow up watching some superhero movies or comics. We sometimes dream to portray ourselves the same way.

Is that even possible?


If you’re in your 20’s, the wise answer would be “NO”, which is no doubt a correct answer .

Afterall , there’s a justified reason behind this wise answer , that , we don’t have any magical spells with us , we don’t have any magical wands that can make things easier , any sheild to protect us or any wings that can make us fly etc. and so they never exist.


Apart from these superficial stories , you might agree that we all have our own stories.

In that story , there are some villains that play mind games , some supportive roles and most importantly internal strength that defines that person.

Let us co-relate our real powers with above superficial powers.

our strength is greatest shield , our words are magic wands , our thoughts are wings that make us fly and our patience make us lead our lives .


Have you ever thought it this way ?

Give it a try.

So ideally , super-heroes as well as super-heroins do exist .

we all have our own stories , hurdles and internal powers that makes us hero or heroin on our part .


Play your part well.