This is something which is seen in everyone. Most people must have accelerated this sulking behaviour at some point in their lives. Well, Most of you are aware with this term while some are not. Let me tell you this very word here, sulking, means to remain silent and to display disagreement by not talking to the other person.It is mostly done to gain sympathy of others, mostly to get thing done by your certain way. It is like playing a victim card.

Sulking is distinct phenomenon. We inculcate this behaviour into us when we want other person to agree with what we are saying. Suppose, if you are upset with something and your friends ask you what happen. Tell us? In spite of their insistence, you don’t open your mouth and just keep saying ‘I am fine’ and finally, when they don’t focus on you anymore then you speak to yourself – no one cares about me! This is what is called Sulking – a form of passive aggression. It has tricky characteristics. It is not a direct anger like hitting or shouting, it is coated with love and because of that people don’t spot it often and don’t recognize the harm that it can cause. Some common examples of sulking are- to sit in a corner of the room and not talking to anyone or not eating anything, locking yourself up in a room so that you could bring up the next person to the level where he surrenders himself. This is an adaptive generalised method. Kids use this as a tool or instrument to satisfy all their needs. I remember I used to sulk n number of times by not eating or by not talking to anyone.

This behaviour can’t be released on everyone. It is expressed only on the loved and closed ones. If you show this to a strange man or to the person not so closed to you, then it will be wastage of your efforts, it will not affect them in any way. So people who use this technique know when to use it. It is manifested on the People whom you think would pay attention to your anger or quietness. And you think that those people are bound to understand your emotions and mood swings without explaining it to them. You expect them to understand you each and every time. But with a longer run perspective, it is not the best emotion to go for.

Sulking is not a good action. It is not a way to deal with your problems.Small sulk might not cause you harm but if they are exhaled on a daily basis then it will surely damage you and your relations. In a longer run, for the growth and success of your relations, you should stop sulking.. No matter how close the person is to you, you can’t expect him or her to take your mood swings and tantrums every time. This is mostly seen nowadays between girlfriends and boyfriends. If a person sulks every single time, it becomes habit. This habit is not at all suitable for your relations.

Things which trigger sulk behaviour should be identified and proper medication should be done.For example – a kid wants a cell phone but his parents don’t let him buy as he is small but then he doesn’t eat and doesn’t talk to anyone then his parents gift him a phone. This is a wrong behaviour. Later this will become a routine and the parents have to face a trouble. The sulk which starts on a small degree might took an ugly turn. You will not know when this picture frame enlarges. Yes, this is true it sometimes reach to a suicide level. So, People should handle this behaviour not by surrendering to it but by being strict to it. Don’t make your fool by accepting their faults and mistakes again and again. If they have wrong behaviour, wrong demands then let them know they are wrong. It should be the goal of every person neither to sulk nor to take those sulk behaviour.

Realisation should come within. There are ways to cope with it. Sulkers (the person who sulks) can employ these methods for example by talking with other person, Try to understand the situation, by meditating, by doing what makes you happy.