Why People Get Angry On Certain Things?

Tayyaba Noor
Dec 25, 2019   •  107 views

Anger is a kind of emotion which lead to disconnection with reality, feelings become excessive and all consumed. We've always been like this because we've never taught to manage or handle it.

According to research, In a precise manner 12,986 people suffered and died in High Blood Pressure and Heart Attack by the tendency of getting angry on certain things. It's been said that most of the time the people with a mindset of being a Perfectionist are more likely to get anger easily.

We eventually regret after our kind of actions we take in anger, that actually hurt our close ones and sometimes it makes us more negative personality.


At first we need to know the root causes of why people actually do this-

  • When things don't go in their way - The very most important factor of anger, we seriously don't like if something doesn't go that way we want and basically our mood swings are the reason.

    • When our feelings don't get revealed - Sometimes we take alot of burdens & responsibilities on our head, it feels like sharing these all with anyone but no one manages to listen up to you.

      • When expectations get hurt - Think Practicing for your interview really hard and not getting selected, Daily going for gyming and not getting the body shape you want or Running here and there for work and not earning sufficient are the examples where we tend to get frustrated easily and end up taking out anger on people.

        Hope This would help you knowing the actual reason and where you need to work upon.
        Going to cover how to deal with it in my next blog. Till then Spread Love and Be kind to the people who need you.



Profile of Vincent
Vincent   •  3y  •  Reply
Yes you are right I have practically experienced it from my 2-3 short tempered classmates.
Profile of Afraz Ansari
Afraz Ansari  •  4y  •  Reply
Exactly .. this is the actual thing
Profile of Tayyaba Noor
Tayyaba Noor  •  4y  •  Reply
Hope.it would help you to know the psychology.😊