Acceptance- What this word over here displays?This sounds me a very heavy word which comes with so much of understanding and reasoning. Acceptance is what all we need in our life. We all human beings are the puppets in the hand of destiny .But in spite of knowing that very fact, we all loved to master it. Human minds are developing day by day and this acknowledgement of success let them think as they are the controllers of life. But is it true?We don’t ‘accept’. We all have been in such circumstances when we try to hold on something. Such events permeate the life. Sometimes, somewhere we wish the things should not have changed like this. But can we really control our life? Do we possess that power? Can we have claim on such affairs?Breaking up with your partner, the death of a loved one – all such events. Do they really stop our life? Yes, they might slow our process for a while but this world waits for none. Resisting and escaping things is not any solution to it. By doing so, you might escape it temporary but it is not definitely the end result. This Lack of Acceptance in the lives of this human birth is the biggest problem that we see nowadays.

We don’t accept things. Human beings suffer most because of this behaviour. We hold on things for so long and this is what affects us. We don’t believe in the true state.We try to deny as long as possible. It is the major cause of the fights, of the misunderstanding, of the suffering, of wrong behaviour. We harm ourselves by not accepting the things. We struggle with them but we don’t accept. But deep inside we know that is a futile effort. We can’t undo the events. We invest so much time in grooming ourselves, so why it is difficult for us to accept things.

Our life is being captivated by so many moments. The life is intercourse of turn of events. It always comes as surprise. We don’t know what it all has to offer. In the middle of that , The mindset of acceptance , will help us to deal with those hurdles which fall in the way of life. Life is another game that we are playing. We need to be very careful with behaviour that we project because it frames our life. Acceptance should be implied by every person on this Earth. It is a tool which helps us to bind the philosophy of carpe diem which states seize the day or pluck the day.That philosophy could only be conquered if we learn to accept the things as they are. Learning and accepting will nurture the life of every living being and our life will run smoothly. The acceptance, the realisation will do all wonder. We should believe in letting things go because clinging over things or someone will not help us. It will only pull us back and will keep away us from our potentials.

The moment we will imbibe this habit in us, we will see a change in our life. We will be able to see things from new perspective. We will be satisfied and will be relaxed in our life.Our life will be made easy after grooming and cultivating this habit in us. It will cut down our failures. It will have advantage which will help to build relationships, new works etc. We will definitely have a good shot in life . Learn to accept things as they are, acceptance will add to your growth. you will get peace and happiness lies in the acceptance.



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