The Diagonal Between Life And Death

Tiya Singh
Dec 15, 2019   •  13 views

On some days

I crave for death to come

Strike its swift blow

Bestow its soft magic

Like it has upon many of my brothers;

To break

The meaningless and hollow existence

That looms above my head

Every time

I take a breath.

You build borders

I am thrown out of the categories you make

To contain your powers


To keep me out.

I am part-human

Surviving on bread crumbs

That charity chooses to provide.

But what am I living for? I ask myself,

As I watch my mother



Cease to exist

With no medicine to have and no doctor to provide help

With the pain that engulfs her being.


People do not want to help

Or those who want to simply cannot reach me

It becomes difficult to carry my humanity with me

When every force is busy pulling at its remaining shreds

I don’t wish to paint a picture of utter gloom or destitution

But it is what it is isnt it

Why, I once wanted to be an actor,

Until life thrust me into this unwanted role

I simply cannot sleep without nightmares

Of the Horrors that I witness in the daytime.

Call me Rohingya, Syrian, Sudanese or Somalian

It does not matter

Because I’ve been taught that I don’t matter.

As I remain to be the by –product of



Greed and deceit

Of barricades, intolerance and protectionism.

Under the free sky

It is I who remains caged

Hoping that as the sun rises each day,

Someday it may so set on my problems.