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If you want to visit Kerala, then I would like to suggest you that, you should add the Munnar in your bucket list. Munnar is just like heaven on the earth.

Munnar lies in the confluence of three mountain streams. Munnar is one of the most popular hill station located in the Idukki district, Kerala.

Munnar has an overall view including the tea plantations, beautifully designed towns, rare flora and fauna, massive peaks and dams, make it the perfect destination for an extended vacation.

Famous spots in Munnar

Eravikulam National Park

The Eravikulam national park is famous tahr. Nilgiri tahr is a goat-like species that are endangered.

Park is also famous for a great view of tea plantation, rolling hills, and neelakurunji. Neelakurunji is a blue colored kurunjiflower, which blooms once in 12 years. In the summer, the valleys will be covered with blue carpet made of Neelakurunji.

The park is also famous for Anamudipeak, which is the highest peak in South India.

  • Different Areas in the Park

This park has three divisions; core area, buffer area, and tourism area. The Rajamali is the tourism area in this park. Core and buffer area are not allowed to the tourists.

  • Best Season to Visit Eravikulam National Park

The best time to visit the park is from September to November and from April to June. The park will be closed during heavy rains. Do not visit during February and March as spotting animals is very hard due to mating season. Sometimes, the park might be closed during this period to avoid exploitation.

  • Wildlife Safari in Eravikulam National Park

Entry fee for Indians is INR 15 and for foreigners, it is INR 200. Children below the age of 12 are charged INR 5. Camera charge is INR 25.

The park is open throughout the week. The safari starts at 8:30 am and closes at 4 pm. A complete safari would take 2-3hours.

Anamudi Peak

This peak is the highest peak in southern India and scales up to the height of 8,842 ft. The view on this mountain is just awesome; you can fill that, mountains touch the clouds and this makes the view almost heavenly. This is a delight for trekkers, photographers, and nature lovers, this peak offers something to everyone. The months of November to February are the best time to visit Munnar and the Anamudi Peak as the temperature ranges from 18 to 25 degree Celsius.

Dam of Mattupetty

The dam of Mattupetty is a strong concrete dam. The most attractive part of Mattupetty dam is its still water which reflects the tea garden around. If you love water sports activities then, You can engage yourself with different water sport activities like speed boating.

Mattupetty is also known as ‘cattle village’. The best time to visit Mattupetty is from August to May and it is very easily accessible from Munnar town.

Echo point

Kolukkumalai Tea plantation

Kolukkumalai is a tea plantation which is at 7900 feet msl. Kolukkumalai is one of the world’s most beautiful scenic destinations. Started in the early 1900s the estate produces tea using the orthodox method in the time-tested tea factory.

Kathakali dance show

See a show by Kathakali dancers, renowned for their elaborate costumes & expressive eye movements.

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