Production Of Tea In India: Some Important Facts And Points

Alefiya Baramatiwala
Oct 08, 2019   •  38 views

“Chai" that's what the Indian call it and it is their favorite beverage. Tea has been linked to improving your health since legendary. Tea is also said to be a great uniter as no problem can be sat and solved with a cup of tea. It is also known as the nectar of god (sweetest taste of any drink in the world).

Because I am a tea drinker, it sounds like I am biased but tea gives us so many advantages we cannot stop ourselves to give up tea for any reason. There are many advantages of drinking tea like it

  • It hydrates our body

  • It has many antioxidants

  • It maintains the acidic balances in our body that keeps us healthy and fit

  • Removes stress and makes you feel refreshed.


Tea- Source: freevector

The places having production of tea in India

1. Darjeeling

Darjeeling in West Bengal is a very famous place for the production of tea in India. The hilly regions of Darjeeling produce tea and it comes in black and green color. It has a unique taste and the tourists specially buy tea to give their family and friends or enjoy this unique tea at their homes after their holidays.

A single cup of this liquid with its golden texture and aroma makes your day a fantastic one. There are not one but many tea gardens in India in which some of the known places are Risheehat, Puttabong, Singbulli, Sangna, Balasun, North Tukvar, and Happy Valley.

2. Nilgiri

Nilgiri tea is dark, aromatic, and intensely flavored which are grown in the Southern part of the Indian Subcontinent mainly in the western ghat mountains. This tea grown in the Nilgiri hills are famous in Tamil Natu and different states in India though there are other teas producing places like Central Travancore in the state of Kerala the Nilgiri Tea is found to be different from all.

3. Assam

Assam is a place that has the largest tea production in India. It is the most attractive and delicious one because of its body, aroma, bright color, and amazing flavor. Also, the estates of tea in Assam are the largest around the globe for growing fine quality tea. The tea is usually harvested in the lowlands of Assam in the Brahmaputra river valley. Tasting an Assam tea is something one should never say no.


Assam Tea Estate- Source: Travel Triangle

4. Munnar

In the Idukki district of Kerala, there is a hill station named Munnar which has the best tea estates known for its taste and richness. Including Tata Tea, there are about 30 other tea estates in Munnar which are also known worldwide for its flavor and quality. Munnar is also a renowned tourist destination in India. Tourists specially visit this place the tea estates and take home some of the unique tea samples with them. If you are a tea lover plan your next vacation to Munnar to enjoy the different tea flavors there.


Kangra is a district in Himachal Pradesh which produces both black and green tea there. The tea is ben produced in Kangra since the 19th century and people love to have Kangra tea and in the year 2005, it got the geographical indication status. Besides green tea and black tea, there are other special teas like hand-rolled oolong tea and silver needle white tea is also produced there. There are about 5,900 gardens were found in the year 2015 which gave this state an annual income of 8.99 lakh kg.


Kagra tea- Source: Tea Board India

6. Coorg

Coorg tea is a blissful thing to have as its taste is something special from all the other tea produced in India. Tea is produced in this region from the year 1914 and since then people are delightful to have the Coorg tea. The state of Karnataka has contributed a great towards tea production because of its Coorg and Kodagu region producing a high quantity of tea every year.


Tea plantation in Coorg- Source: Travel With Lakshmi

7. Tripura

Tripura the last in the list but not least as the tea produced there has its charm, taste, and texture. The region of Tripura is counted in the top 10 tea producing states in India. The climate conditions are favorable to produce high-quality tea there and the other plus point is the rolling hills which helps in giving suitable tea plantation and great tea tourism in India.

Let us say it we are proud to be a tea lover because India has the most amazing tea plantations. Besides the tea plantations, it also gives us good health and relaxation which is why people always are addicted to it and feel amazed having a cup of good aromatic and flavor tea.