Best Water Parks And Amusement Parks In India

Amit Sharma
Nov 10, 2019   •  9 views

With the festive season approaching, families everywhere are due for a break. And speaking of a much-needed break from daily life, there is nothing better than a water park. To this day, amusement parks have remained a primary source of fun and entertainment for all families. However, ensure that you pay proper attention to Amusement Parks Ticket Booking. During this season, tickets can sell quite fast. Hence, prior booking is highly recommended.

Imagine being able to run around vast acres of land and not worrying about the heat. It is only because you know that a splash into water can soothe and rejuvenate your senses. A visit to an amusement park is a great way to spend your Diwali. Water Parks are a perfect gateway for those who cannot afford much time for a vacation. So, let’s explore the best water and amusement parks in India.

Wonderla in Bangalore

Wonderla in Bangalore is one of the largest water parks in Bangalore. Interestingly, this amusement park has 60 rides. Hence, water parks ticket booking for this place usually carries a lot of importance. If you book your tickets in advance, you will experience a lot of enthralling rides. Moreover, the food served in this park is all-inclusive of the price of the ticket. Furthermore, it is definitely worth the price you pay. The peak season here is from mid-October.

Queens Land in Chennai

The Queens Land in Chennai is spread across 70 acres and is half an hour drive from the main city. If you are looking for the best water-themed park in South India, the Queens Land tops the list. While booking tickets for this park, you can use Paytm offers. It would ensure that you get the same tickets at a discounted rate. The Super Waves is the most popular ride in this park. It is a huge favourite among adults.

Nicco Park at Kolkata

It is an amusement park based in Kolkata which facilitates a plethora of recreational activities. If you are looking for some educative entertainment this festive season, Nicco Park would be your ideal destination. Since its establishment, many call it the Disneyland of Bengal. Moreover, the tickets are quite affordable too. If you book tickets via Paytm, you would come across a variety of Amusement park offers. The amount you pay for the ticket would give access to Main Park area.

Splash Water Park at Delhi

It has more than one branch across India but the one present at Delhi is unarguably the largest one. It spans across an area of 5 acres and is the best water park in North Delhi. From big and exciting water rides to the smaller ones, you can have a great time with your family and dear ones. Interestingly, this water park is an ideal location to escape from the daily buzz of life.

Worlds of Wonder in Noida

This water park provides a fresh dose of entertainment and amusement for people from the NCR. This water park is ranked among one of the very best places to visit while you are in Noida. However, note that nylon and Lycra are quite compulsory to wear when you visit this water park. It has four separate zones and each zone presents you with unique excitement. Furthermore, this park comprises of all kinds of rides which makes your getaway worthwhile.

Adlabs Imagica at Pune and Mumbai

It is a Mykonos-themed water park and comprises of various forms of entertainment. You can also plan your pre-Diwali bash in this amusement park. If you want to avail the best rides in India which are thrilling, this water park is your best bet. One of the phenomenal aspects of visiting this park lies in the fact that you can get latest coupons. If you opt to book tickets via Paytm and other wallets, you can also win coupons.

Water Kingdom at Mumbai

It is a subsidiary of the Essel Group and is Asia’s largest water theme park. It spans across a humungous 64 acres of land in which you can avail a variety of rides. If you are looking for a weekend full of thrill and fun, this park is your best option. It is also a family-friendly water park of the Central India. This park also offers different packages for students and the working class. The packages are quite affordable too.

Wild Waters at Hyderabad

Spread over an area of 30 acres, this water park is one of the best in Hyderabad. It has activities ranging from amusement to water adventures. It is one of those water parks which cater to everyone. You can visit this place with your family as well as your friends. If you want an entertaining weekend to rejuvenate your senses, this water park would be an appropriate choice. This place has more than 60 dry and water rides.

The Great Escape Water Park at Mumbai

This park is located amongst the picturesque mountains of Pelhar. It spans across an area of 26 acres and is for sheer rejoicing. So, if you want to have a blast this weekend in Thane, this water park is your best choice. This amusement park would allow you to experience the thrill of over 20 breathtaking water rides. So, if you want to have a much-needed break from the daily chores of life, this park is more than appropriate.

Visiting water parks and amusement parks this festive season definitely have many perks. You can win various coupons and deals when you book tickets via Paytm. A visit to these water parks is a great way to rejuvenate your senses. It would make your festive season more than just exciting. If you have relatives at your home due to the upcoming festive season, you can take them too.

So, make this festive season all more exciting and enthralling by visiting these amusement parks. Stand a chance to win deals and cashbacks which would further enable you to book tickets at a much lower cost.