The Golden Rules Of Travelling In Public Transport

Tanya Sehra
Aug 01, 2019   •  28 views

Be it getting on time to office or going for shopping to a famous market, all of us make use of public transports in our daily lives from metro to e-rickshaw. Being in a crowded place like the public transport, we need to know and follow some do’s and don’t ‘s of how to carry ourselves well and travel while not getting into the privacy of our co-passengers. Keep on mind these golden rules when you are travelling in a public transport.

No Loud Music

The most common way in which people like to pass their journey time is by listening to music to keep themselves somehow busy. However you must remember that others travelling with you any not like to hear music as you do. People also do many other work while travelling, while some may simply like to relax a bit. Your loud music can disturb and also cause inconvenience. It is really bad to make the public transport your house!

No Food and No Drinks

Long journeys can sometimes be really tiring and you may feel hungry during one. However one must not get into the habit of finishing lunch while travelling. People around you generally many not feel comfortable with that. Avoid doing so until there is an urgency of it. Your food and drinks can also create a mess around in the transport.

Share the Pole

Don’t lean on the pole on a Metro train or bus. Leave room for others around you to hold on to the pole. Everybody likes to get in a comfortable corner of the bus or metro to have a peaceful and less disturbing journey. These places are generally the poles in the metro and being under the hangers to hang in the bus. These are however shared spaces and not only your own.

Passengers Exit First

I simple rule of getting access to any public transport is that the ones inside should be allowed to get down and then only the passengers outside get in. It is a common sense that you can wait and get the next metro or bus, but the ones inside cannot get down at another station or stop. Be sensible as you get in and out of such transports, without becoming an obstruction.