MUSIC? The one who gives a SOUL to the UNIVERSE, WINGS to the MIND, FLIGHT to the IMAGINATION and LIFE to EVERYTHING?

Yeah, that's right. When I was a kid, I used to think that people were a bit crazy, listening to music, when it did NO GOOD. But, when I turned a teen, I started understanding the DEPTH of it.

If you are SAD, music can make you HAPPY, if you are BORED, music can tell you STORIES, if you're TIRED, music can help you RELAX. Sometimes, we hear a song over and over again, only because the LYRICS match our life's situation.

Sometimes, music is our BIGGEST SUPPORT when we are alone, sad, tired or unmotivated. Just two minutes of this WONDERFUL thing, can flip things COMPLETELY. I'm sure, that you must have atleast once in your life, been TOUCHED BY MUSIC.

Isn't it just wonderful to think how some INSTRUMENTS and VOICES make a huge IMPACT on us?