Hey life! Hey!

I know that we are staying together just because of our commitment towards each other.

But, hey after you have found the hardest breakups to tough reality struggles to loneliness and much more, spare some time.

I wanna talk.

we need to talk.

Will you?

Well all I want to say is, why don’t you become possessive for me.

Be like a friend with whom I love spending time with or with whom I did my first bunk, my first night out, my first trip.

Hey life, I know it’s hard but listen its getting tough here.

It’s getting heavy inside.
It’s getting uncontrollable for my tears to stay in my eyes.

It’s hard to let people know what I feel. It’s hard to cry it’s hard to not to cry.

It’s hard to smile even when I am going through a thunder of thoughts and emotions inside.

It’s enough.

Let’s fall for each other and make each other worth. Help each other to get the best of our capabilities. Let’s make the best pair. Let’s play with things around instead of my heart inside.

Hey life, you were my parents gift I don’t want to lose you at all.

But, please cooperate.



Profile of Liya Smith
Liya Smith  •  2y  •  Reply
Very Nice
Profile of Kinjal Miglani
Kinjal Miglani  •  2y  •  Reply
Thank you so much!!
Profile of Loverts Undefined
Loverts Undefined  •  3y  •  Reply
OMG...This is so good!!!!!
Profile of Kinjal Miglani
Kinjal Miglani  •  3y  •  Reply
Thank you so much!!
Profile of Tanisha Mehta
Tanisha Mehta  •  3y  •  Reply
Loved it ! I hope life gets along even during these uncertain times with successfully overcoming the inner and the outer demons!
Profile of Kinjal Miglani
Kinjal Miglani  •  3y  •  Reply
Hope for the best💙