1. Stop Watching addictive videos inclusive of porn and different time pass stuffs because it will give you only 2–5 minute of mental satisfaction and you’ll ruin your whole day by thinking about all those stuff.

2. Do the exercise for at least 30–45 minute daily it’ll surely change your life.

3. READ. READ. READ. Read a lot. You will definitely see an amazing improvement in 6 months. Believe me.

4. Refine your goals: Set some higher goals. Reach for some higher purpose. Go for something beyond what you thought you could do.

5. Someone has truly said “ Health is wealth” Get those 8 hours of rest your body deserves.

6. Take a selfie to keep, not share: No filters, no hashtags, just a selfie for you to enjoy and appreciate the things that make you uniquely you.

7. Learn from people who inspire you

8. Reduce the time you spend on social media.

9. Read at least 1 personal development article a day.

10. Phone your parents and sit with him whenever you get a chance.

Signing off