7 Ways To Inculcate Reading Habits

Harshita Garg
Jul 20, 2019   •  45 views

You must be thinking that why I am here to tell about reading books?

"No friend is as loyal as a book"

Books actually listen to you what others don't. It tells you something new every time and enhances your knowledge in diversified horizons.

If you are not fond of reading but it wants to start doing so, you must follow the things discussed here how to inculcate reading habits. And once you start reading, you will realize that how reading changed your thinking process and now you will be more excited to see things differently as you are doing till now. Let's start with 6 most important things you should do to inculcate reading habits:

Read newspaper, articles, and comics

If you are a beginner at reading, then if you start reading big fat novels, then you would definitely stop in a day or two. Inculcating reading habits usually starts from reading things that interest you and newspapers, articles and comics are full of those things. One should start reading a newspaper on daily basis as in this apart from increased reading habit, you will also be aware of general knowledge and what is actually happening around you, especially if you don't have time to watch the news on TV or listen to them on the radio. At first, you may start reading the articles, or headlines that interest you and then you can go to other articles in the newspapers. Apart from newspapers, you can read articles anytime and anywhere of course through the internet and social media.

The proper procedure for reading books: for beginners

Start with short stories if you don't actually love reading but wanted to start so. Short stories are about 10-20 pages and you can read many of them in a day. They are very interesting and will definitely catch your attention at first. After you have read many short stories, you can go ahead with Novellas and Novels. Novellas are a small version of Novels about 70-150 pages and above that is a novel. Thus, start with short stories, then read novellas and then read novels of your favorite genre.

Morning people or night people?

What do you do right after waking up in the morning? Brush your teeth and gets ready for your school, college or workplace? This is what maximum of us does. But reading a book in the morning is the best start of the day we can give to ourselves. Many people also prefer reading books at night before sleeping. This is also good. And either you can do both if you have enough time. And if not decide whether you are a morning person or a night person and then can read accordingly.

Read regularly

Whether you are reading newspapers, comics or books, whether you are a late-night person or an early morning one, whatever type of book and articles you prefer, read them daily. Never skip a day without reading once you started. It's better to read 15 minutes daily than reading for two hours on Sunday. Decide a particular time and place to sit and read without any social-media, and without any interaction with anyone.

Choose your favorite genre

Reading a book which doesn't interest you forces you to stop reading in the starting itself. You should choose a particular genre of your choice and read the books according to it. Later you can start referring to other books when you are fond of reading.

Start visualizing

Reading any story or article and then visualizing it in front of you is a nice way of getting into reading. Read with full concentration and visualize the things you are reading. It will make you fond of books quickly and easily.

Collection of books

In the beginning, you can get 1-2 books of your choice and then should make a good collection of it later on. It will motivate you to read regularly. You can also prefer e-books if you don't want to buy them. They are convenient and you can read them anywhere when you have time.

These were some of the tips from my side. You can, of course, change the conditions according to your convenience but should actually start reading if you haven't, I have also started recently and trust me guys it was an overwhelming experience for me.

"Leaders are the best readers."



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