Goal setting

"  The great thing in the world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving”  Oliver Wendell Holmes  


A goal is purpose that you set to aim for and accomplish.It's something you want to reach and keeps you moving towards your destiny.Earlier generation goals were like to study,scoring good marks,get highly paid jobs,where there was little competition.As a cause of this,current generation grow as same, but now  lot of competition occurs.Engineering field is the best example where lot struggle without developing their skills. These goals must be changed which  elevates you to a secured life.Hereby,in my prospect i have created  4 ways of setting goal which will lead you to success and develop your personal traits



Set a goal from your Passion. The goal which you set must be your strength. There are different ways to find your strength. One such a way is through the book named “STRENGTH FINDER 2.0”. This book  gives a test through which you can find your natural talents and by focusing what you do best.


"When your strength and need of the world intersects there lies your purpose"says Clifton,Father of Psychology who describes about 5 important traits that includes  Connectedness,Will,Responsibility

Positivity,Execution.He also explains how to implement your right strength at right time.


The second step in goal setting is for you to decide the most specific activities in which you achieve desired level. Top rich set their goals as short term and long term goals. Set your goal as annual term. Ask yourself “How much am I going to achieve my goal this year?” .This is not difficult to calculate.

Monthly and Weekly Goals

Once you have decided your annual goals, break them down by month. How much will you have to work each month to achieve your annual goals?

Once you have annual goals and monthly goals break them to weekly goals. How much will you have to work each week in order to achieve long term goals?

Daily Goals

Finally determine how much you have to work each day to reach your daily goals.

For instance, if your goal is to become a badminton player, just split it as long and short term goals. Learning a new skill like backhand smash and getting mastered in the same should be your weekly goal. Participating in regional tournaments and using that particular skill and wining should be your monthly goal. At last  succeeding in premier league should be your annual goal and by doing this in sequence you could attain your long term goal as a National Badminton player.


 The above table lists daily goals of a badminton player.Likewise set yourself daily goals and put tick if u complete daily goal else put wrong.Practise this and comment me....


When you start setting goals for the week, month and year and started working systematically each day, you will hit those goals faster than you expected. This happens because the very act of writing a goal programs into your subconscious mind.

“Once you have programmed a goal into your subconscious mind it takes on a power of its own”

                                                           -Brian Tracy

Your subconscious mind alters you to opportunities and possibilities around you. Whenever your subconscious is perfectly programmed it enables you to perform at your best in the pursuit of your goals.


When you come with goal setting, visualization is the perhaps the most powerful skill that you should develop. Just create a clear mental picture of just the person you want to be. The power of visualization is the most awesome power possessed by the human beings. Envision yourself as a successful and influential. Before doing something visualize that you have successfully done it. Creating a clear mental picture makes you to attain your goal completely.  


Be Positive always and  set your goals using this four methods which will give a very clear direction for your success.Finally i thank you for reading this blog and hope it could have made an impact, please comment about it and share this if you think someone  would get impact.