Books are beautiful. I read books not just I like reading them but also because I got a new topic to chatter about. For me, Reading books are not only my Hobby but it is also something that I appreciate most about myself.

"Reasons why to Read books?" is something that most of my non-reader friends ask me. So, here are the reasons Why do I read books and what make me fall in love with them again and again:

Makes me Happy

The first and foremost reason why I read books is that it makes me happy. The characters, the plot, the story and everything about Books makes me ecstatic. Whenever feeling low or sad, Try reading good books. I am sure you will get so lost in the depth of those books, that you will forget your worries and tensions and will help you to elevate your mood.

Meet new people

Books help you to meet new people, not only in real life but also in imaginary world too. In Real life, you will find someone having the same interests as yours and you can discuss not only about books but other things as well. In fiction world, You will meet new characters and can learn a lot from them.

Expand your vocabulary

Reading helps you to expand your vocabulary and learn new words. There are millions of books and in those, there are billions of words. You can learn so many different and unusual words from the books which helps you to boost your vocabulary.

Gives you Fresh Ideas

If you are a reader and writer, then Books gives you Fresh Ideas and different perspectives too to write about. It gives you multiple realities to think about. You think not only from your perspective but from another point of view as well and hence, giving you ideas to think, connect and write about.


You can carry books anywhere. From sitting at home to travelling, You can keep books with you and can read them anywhere and anytime. It helps you to pass your time efficiently and kills boredom too.

Explore New places

Stories and novels are set up in places and cities which helps you to explore and discover new places. Not in real life but surely in fictional life, you can imagine yourself there. Apart from exploring and discovering, you sometimes learn about the history and culture of that place too.

Gives rest to your mind

Books help spend time off electronics and gadgets and thus, relaxing your mind and body. Reading also helps in relieving stress and boosts brain power to think more about the positive aspects of life.

These are the reasons why I read books and you should read them too.