Pros And Cons Of Being An Introvert

Sujana Pal
Mar 12, 2019   •  239 views

Ever wandered into a bookshop and found a solitary reader by the bookshelf?Ever wondered why that one boy used to eat by himself in the college canteen? Society has a name for these people. They are called INTROVERTS. Quiet, shy and reticent, there are a billion ways to describe the introverts. While this keeping to oneself attitude might seem disadvantageous, the introverts do actually have a world of their own. Let us delve into this world and find more about them.


1. Good Observation Skills

While it might seem that the person is lost in his own world of thoughts, the reality is often glaringly different. The introvert notices people and the happenings of the world around him making him a keen observationist.

2. 'Quiet' is the new Trusty

An introvert never spills the secret. Because of his limited social interaction, any gossip that you share with him goes to the grave.

3. Storehouse of Immense Information

Evidence shows that introverts do actually store and process much more information than the social butterflies.

4. Increased Concentration Level

Because an introvert is not distracted by social interaction and the gossip around him, he can focus much more on his work than the others.


1. Social Awkwardness

Not interacting with people can make you socially awkward. Introverts find themselves at a loss for words at social occasions.

2. Mental wellbeing is at Stake

With the inability to communicate with people arises the question of mental health. Most introverts suffer from depression because of their inability to open up to people.

3. Bad First Impressions

The behaviour of introverts might seem rude to some people. This can be detrimental while giving first introductions.



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Suchi Rout  •  2y  •  Reply
I've never been an introvert myself, but many of my friends are. This is very apt. ❤️❤️