TUTORIAL - easy money

I've heard, I've seen. One of my colleague (DIMPLE Solanki) has told me that she has earned a lot of money by taking tutions.

Even now, I've observed her taking tutions at my hostel and I observe that it can be done with little efforts.

It is like half day work, half day care and two days salary. We need to give them words and sentences to read. We need to learn, let them write, and learn questions and answers.

Guiding if necessary and leaving the rest to them.

Slowly with time, we'll observe the obvious improvement. That will suffice both parents and students.

This is how the tutorials work.

Nowadays it has become common, passion and more prestigious that every parent want their child to attend the tuition, rather than teaching them at home.

Even the five years old is going to tution in cities. It is already proved in cities that a single room and a little knowledge and few skills to handle the students will fetch you money.

Nowadays, the quality is not being bothered, the people search for quantity, those rooms which are full will get more admissions. People are more foolish and have no common sense that how the student will learn in a crowd leaving a pleasant home.

That's where we have an opportunity to earn. We even need not fool parents because they themselves are fools. Number of students doing their homework are very less. Students reading their books in primary are least.

To lessen your efforts, conduct frequent tests and ask them to do homework which itself will skills and will make their parents happy.

Doing things which are meant for them itself will enhance their skills. That's what we have to make them do in tution.

The efforts are very less and the earnings are better.

Hope you will earn by taking tution.