A Teacher Who Made My Life...[Part - 2]

Debarpita Banerjee
Apr 14, 2021   •  4 views
An ode, from a fond student, to her favourite teachers

[Part - 2]

Date: April 14, 2021

In the previous section of ‘A Teacher who made my Life’ series, I had shared with you all the story of the teacher who inspired and influenced me the most. But today, I want to discuss about a teacher whom I respect the most.

It is often said, ‘Respect cannot be given, it must be earned’. And I believe that it is valid in a teacher - student relationship also. A teacher is a person who is responsible for the career development of his or her student. Her responsibilities should not be limited to only ‘teaching what is written in the book’.

A good teacher teaches the subjects, but an exceptional teacher prepares a human.

I was fortunate enough to meet and experience such a teacher in my life. During my coaching class days, I had come across a teacher (sorry, I cannot mention the name here) who had a strange passion to prepare the career of his students.

He used to teach Zoology, which is often regarded as one of the most boring subjects in Science. But, he had an exceptional talent to turn it into one of the most interesting subjects. He used to teach Zoology as if he was teaching Physics. He never forced us to ‘Learn by heart’. Rather he explained everything so logically that it became very easy to remember the facts naturally.

But, I am not sitting here writing this blog, just because he taught Zoology well. I am sure, there are many other very good Zoology teachers in this world. But, he was special, because he groomed us very well.

He used to teach around 500 students, regularly. Still, if he couldn't find a single student in the class, he would find out why he is absent. And if the student is found ill, he would call him personally to ask about his health. Not only this, he had a great talent to identify the ability of a student, and he would mould himself accordingly.

If a good student suddenly started performing badly, he would immediately notice it, and would counsel the student. Not only this, every week, he used to take a test. And at the end of the question paper, he used to write a quotation which was enough to boost your confidence.

Hearing about his weekly tests, you must be thinking that he was a very strict teacher, right? I think, yes he was a bit strict, but it was important to prepare us for a better life. And, whenever he spoke to a student, he made the student understand clearly that he was thinking of his betterment only.

Within the short time that I had studied under him, I had seen many medical students come and celebrate his birthday. He used to keep a track of every student of his even after they passed out. If they needed any suggestions in future also, he was always there to help. And this kindhearted nature of him made him the special teacher he is.

I respect him the most because he was not someone who was just doing his job to earn money. Rather, he had a dream.. To prepare his students for a better tomorrow… And make them good Human beings.