Introduction: when we talk about education people often confuse it with the place like schools or colleges where students get knowledge by sitting upon the benches. But in present era the definition of education has been changed, now the concept of education is not bonded within four walls but with the advancement of technology or innovations, it allows the students to explore the new dimensions of information by online education. 




Meaning:  It is a type of educational information that is delivered via the internet to students using their PCs or smart phones. It is a new version of teaching and learning method. Where there is a problem there is a solution. The growing presence of distance learning has changed the landscape of traditional education. Online education platform enables the students to learn through home by not attending their classes in school. And with the growth of technology the scope of online education has been changed considerably. As per the World Economic Forum initiated Global Shaper’s Survey 2016, out of the 25,000 respondents, 77.84% have taken online courses at same point.

Types of online education:

1. Self- Education: It is the simplest way where students can search on internet for an extensive supply of educational information. These are like Search engines and sites such as You Tube etc.

2. Online College Courses: Massive OPEN Online Courses (MOOCs) are the classes offered on a large scale Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are classes offered on a large scale and that are not limited to enrollment in a particular school or university. People choose to take these either for career or academic advantage and the courses are not necessarily applicable towards earning a degree. That said, there are some students who are able to earn credits or meet prerequisites through MOOCs, depending on their institution of higher learning.

3. Educational Apps:

There are countless apps or programs, such as unacademy, textbooks, byjus etc which enable supplemental online learning, while at the same time offering a fun experience for students. 

4. Synchronous:  This is a mode where students attend an online lecture live and are able to interact with the teachers directly. It is easy for the students to solve their query. 

5. Asynchronous:  This mode enables the students to learn who miss out on direct interaction but they can access the entire content anytime and anywhere. 


Benefits of online education:  receiving an online education is becoming more and more popular due to a multitude of advantages it has over traditional instructions.

  • It is easy for the students to access the knowledge at flexible time hours and also at any place according to their suitability over not going to schools or colleges.

  • It is economical as  prestigious universities are offering many of their online courses either for free or providing access at an affordable fee and it removes logistical barriers related to travelling, eating out, which contributes greatly in an overall cost reduction.

  • The concept of distance learning has become popular these days only because of online education. It is not easy for the students who are working or doing jobs to attend their class at regular interval can get the best opportunity. 

  • The online educators can flourish their teachings not only to the students going to schools but can reach to numberless students. The notes and their knowledge can be stored under online system which is very difficult to retain under traditional system. 

  • The query under online education system can easily be solver under live online classes.

  • The online courses provide the students the opportunity to learn about anything. There are innumerable number of courses on diverse streams are easily available to anyone. 

Future perspective:

With the growth of technology and internet services it is easy for the students to access this gracious platform and with the continuous growth of the online education system; schools also start this type of additional feature in their educational method. The smart classes are one of them. Students can take the benefits where they can understand the concept with features like audios, videos and animations which also allow the students to retain the knowledge in more efficient way and the main motive of the educators is only to satisfy the students by explaining the concept according to the need of each and every student. So, as it is a modified source of traditional system which satisfies and provides its best services to the students.

And now the online education becomes an integral part of the future.



It is correctly to say that with the growth and advancement of technology learning is no longer confined within the four walls of a classroom. The online education widened the scope of education as they offer a more learner-centric educational approach. Online courses empower individuals to make their own decisions about their learning needs, and gain access to relevant world-class education at their doorstep.

And at last I want to say that without denying the advantages of traditional education there is a need to recreate a system to gain the benefits online education as the core motive of education is the development and growth of students whether what the method is.