Why Students Outsource Their Writing Assignments

Jeremy Woods
Oct 19, 2020   •  16 views

College is a fun but at the same time extremely challenging period in the life of every student. On the one hand, they are finally free to do whatever they like with no one hovering over them and controlling their every move. On the other – they are so overwhelmed with tasks and assignments that they may have no time or energy to go about this free life.

Conventionally, essay writing has always been an essential part of comprehensive education. You start with churning out essays at a junior school and can finally exhale after obtaining your Ph.D. Often, old-fashioned essay writing requirements make you rip your hair out, but at the end of the day, how you perform in writing defines your status as a good student.

Students are bombarded with dozens and hundreds of writing assignments as soon as they step over the college threshold. On their way to the A grade, they are expected to grind out well-researched and elegant copies on every subject, regardless of their major. Frequently, writing may constitute 80% of their GPA. No wonder that they feel colossal pressure.

In their desire to get rid of it the soonest, the curious minds find the fine-spun ways to outsmart their teachers and delegate the job to professional writers. It may be the reason why various writing services have mushroomed in recent years. And unless they choose the very first ESL freelance paper-stainer that came their way, they can get qualified help at any stage they need: from simply polishing their style to a thoroughly-researched fresh copy.

What are the reasons that push students to cheat? Let’s find out!

They Fear To Screw Up

No doubt, we make a lot of mistakes when we learn. Failures are a normal process of acquiring new knowledge and skills and growing from a complete layman to an expert in some field. Unfortunately, when it comes to writing an essay or a paper your GPA is on the table, which leaves no room for imperfections. Even the students, savvy in their topic and area of research, don’t feel in their element when their future score at stake. Crazy as it sounds, the scientific world doesn’t recognize a poorly written copy – no matter how good and original the idea is.

Reputable writing services hire professional essay writers skilled in specific fields with a vast array of knowledge under their belt and the necessary arsenal of credible resources to extract data from. As writing is their bread and butter, outsources have good command over various writing techniques and know how to meet essay writing requirements. Even for diligent students, it is a good idea to use such a service to fine-tune their paper.

They Choose Different Priorities

College is an exasperating time for many students. Knee-high in their student debts, they often have to balance between studies, overwhelming as they are, and a part-time job. With hardly 3-4 hours a day for sleep, students simply don’t have time to polish their writing skills. Especially when it is not even their major.

Getting writing help in this case is just an opportunity to focus on more important things, like field training in your area of expertise or simply giving your body a decent rest.

They Can’t Meet the Deadline

Assignments should be challenging. College studying is about growth and improvement after all. However, teachers forget that every other colleague of theirs has the same mindset. Oftentimes, students simply don’t have so many hours to fit all this homework into their already busy schedule.

Writing service providers usually treasure their reputation and meeting deadlines is one of the criteria to ensure a good one. So trying to somehow make it through, students apply for writing help to professionals. And the idea is not that bad, is it? While experts grind away your essay, you have a few hours to declutter your life – and still make it in time to deliver the assignment.

They Don’t Want To Pay More

Research is a huge amount of work that consumes a lot of time and money. It is rarely the case when teachers provide all the materials and information required to simply get the writing done. The reality is that students often have to devour piles of books and other relevant studies before they finally find anything related to their research. In many cases, the necessary materials cost money – and they are not cheap. Buying a book for a few pages of relevant material? No, thank you!

Due to the high competition of writing providers, the prices for their services have become quite reasonable. Plus, ordering a paper is easy, fast and available at any time of the day. Even if you are under a tight deadline, you still can have it done when you need it. It is understandable that between unaffordable and budget-friendly students choose in favor of the latter one.

They Don’t Have a Way with Words

If everyone could write, book authors wouldn’t be so well-paid. But this is not the case. No matter how hardworking you are, often it is just not your cup of tea. You may spend hours trying and brushing up your essay and still get a boring and meager output. And a low grade as a result.

Writing professionals have been in this business for years. They know all the ins and outs and can adjust their style depending on the task, teacher’s requirements and a student’s personal preferences. Moreover, creditable writers use special check-for-plagiarism software to make sure that your copy is unique and perfectly customized.

To wrap up, students may have plenty of reasons to outsource their writing assignments – laziness may be the case too. But at the same time, cheating on something unimportant wins a little valuable time for what they really need and aspire for.