Relax  students!

Don’t over exhaust yourselves.


School should impart knowledge in a meaningful way and should never grill the students. But our faulty education system over burdens the students. The cut throat competition to secure first rank in class has snatched away the pleasure of learning. Jealousy, hatredness and enmity has taken the place of friendship, cooperation and teamwork. Being overburdened with home works,  assignments, projects and class tests, they find no time to chill, play and take rest. They force themselves into this rat race due to their parents and teachers and the students who secure less marks than others start underestimating themselves.



This  work load , over exhaustion and frustration affect the physical as well as the mental health of the students. Every year , thousands of cases of depression and suicides come to forefront.


So, it’s the moral responsibility of the teachers as well as the parents to cheer up the students to enjoy their studies so that they can learn well.  They should use various playful techniques to make the entire class active and attentive.


Dear students! Always remember that “You are more than your grades”.