Health is a state of complete physical and mental well being.It is the resource for living a full life and to support an individual’s function in the society. It means the absence of diseases and the ability to bounce back from diseases. A good health gives us the energy to adapt new atmosphere, threats and diseases.But a good health requires different strategies to enhance it. They are healthy diet, daily exercise, screening for diseases and many more.

Exercise is one among the strategies to improve your health. It reduces the risk of developing diseases like diabetics, cardiovascular diseases and even cancer. Exercise boosts up energy and increases our bone strength and boosts our endurance. Oxygen and nutrients are essential for our tissues. Exercise provides nutrients and oxygen to our tissues and ensures the efficient working of our cardiovascular system.

At every stage of your life there exists plenty of exercises options to try. Exercise doesn'talways means everyday running, going to the gym or doing any hard exercise. It is as simple as walking home from shops or just going for a short walk to the nearby places. It calms our mind along with improving our health. It’s easy to start exercise anytime. Starting an exercise doesn't mean starting a hard exercise at the first effort. Doing some physical activity is better than doing nothing at all. Even doing simple exercise than usual is better than doing nothing at all. It doesn't need to be done for a long time.Doing right exercise for only a few minutes will do you the same benefits of doing it for a long time. Good exercise makes you feel emotionally and physically well.

Benefits of exercise:

  1. Reduces the risk of heart diseases such as high cholesterol.

  2. Manages your weight and makes you physically fit. Exercise is crucial for supporting and helping for fast metabolism, burning calories in your body.

  3. Lowers blood pressure level.

  4. Helps to get stronger muscles by increasing muscle mass and joints.

  5. Boosts up energy and makes you happier everyday by improving mood and reducing anxiety and depression.

  6. Helps to get a healthier state of mind.

  7. Increased blood flow provides oxygen and nutrients to tissues and increases brain health and memory.

  8. Daily physical activities helps maintaining healthy weight and reduces the risk of chronic disease.

  9. Provide antioxidant protection,increases blood flow and protects your skin.

Healthy living is a combination of many factors like healthy diet, exercise, positive mind set and more. Taking care of your body and being happy about your achievements makes you feel healthy. Do exercisedaily and live and healthy and happy life.



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