10-Secret To Live A Life Long

Sahar Ali
Apr 13, 2020   •  2 views

Do You ever wonder about Your life? Is it possible to add some extra years in your life? According to a Study, some Changes in lifestyles can make A Huge Difference and add some year to live a life Longer.

1. Protect Your DNA:

As you Become Older, the ends of Your Chromosome become shorter so You could become sick quickly. But Lifestyles changes can boost en enzyme to live longer.

2. Play To Win:

An 80- year British study shows people who pay attention to Every Detail, Think THings Through and try to do more for Their Health, living a life more than others, who don't.

3. Make Friends:

People who have Friends with Good Habits live life happy than others. To Have buddies with good lifestyles can rub off on you. So Make Sure your Friends Should have a Good lifestyle.


4. Quit Smoking:

A 50-year Study Shows that Quitting at age 30 Could give an entire decade. Stopping the habit at age 40, 50 or 60 Can Add 9, 6 or 3 Years to Your Age Respectively.

5. Embrace The Art of The Nap:

A few snoozing moments can boost your Energy and you can Feel Enthusiastic. People who have the Habit of the Nap are 37% less Likely to Die from Heart Disease.

6. Keep Moving( Exercise):

The Evidence Shows, People Who Exercise live Longer on Average Than Those Who Don't. Regular Physical Activity Lowers Your Chances of Getting Heart Disease.

7. Lose Weight:

Your Overweight is extremely bad for you. If Slim Down You can Protect Yourself against Diabetes, heart disease, and other Conditions that Years Off Your Life.

8. Forgiveness:

Living in Anger is bad for your health. Chronic Anger is Linked to Heart Disease, Stroke Poorer, Lung Health and Other Health Problems. Forgiveness Reduces Anxiety, and Help you to Breathe more Easily.

9. Make Sleep A Priority:

Sleeping less than 8 hours in a day is a risk. It May have a major impact on our health. Sleeping less than 5-hour a night and you might invite your Changes of Dying Early, So Make Sleep a Priority.

10. Keep A Sense Of Purpose:

Hobbies and Activities that Have Meaning For You May Lengthen your life. Being Clear About What You Are Doing and Why Can Also Lower your Chances of getting Alzheimer's Disease.

( Source: WebMD)