For a human being nowadays healthy lifestyle is important because now the average life expectancy  is 62.8 years only . And the reason behind this is only our lifestyle and diet. As we know there are so much pollution increasing day by day and the natural things's availability are decreasing day by day. And the health issues are also increasing. so that we need to take care of our lifestyle and diet so that we can minimize this in our country.

1. Daily Exercise

Daily exercise is one of the important aspect that we have to do daily. It controls weight. And weight is major issue that is facing by everyone. with the help of daily routine exercise we'll get sick less. when a person do daily exercise their energy also boosts up. 


2. Complete Sleep

complete sleep is also the important factor for a healthy body. And adult person needs  7-8 hour sleep for the healthy body. A 1-year child need at least 11-14 hours sleep. There are so many advantages of a complete sleep. our complete sleep increases decision making ability. it also improves our immune system. complete sleep also effects our mental and physical health.


3. Well Balanced Diet

Nowadays in human life well balanced diet is also important factor. for the good health proper nutrients are needed for human body. like proteins , carbohydrates, minerals, etc. a proper having all these nutrients. so we should take care of our balanced diet .