Health according to WHO is defined as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

So if you think you are a healthy person just because you eat healthy food and don’t skip your meals often, you exercise everyday and burn sufficient amount of calories , no complaints of any sort of pain or discomfort and you are free from diseases then sorry to burst your bubble but that’s not being healthy! It’s not just about your physical well being but also your psychological and social way of living that decides your health. 

Your body is completely fit but you aren’t under depression and stress then you must find ways to deal with it and keep your mind free of any problem or distress that’s bothering you. Your mental health affects your physical well being in ways you are not aware of ! For example take cases of anorexia nervosa or Bulemia, both are cases of avoiding food and pressuring your body to get accustomed to your wants against its natural capability. 

Your behaviour with your parents, friends and relatives is very important to determine your social health. You must know that each lives in a liberty of their own and we must respect that liberty and not cross limits which includes mainly holding our temper and learning to be tolerant and patient towards people. One must have a listening ear, which means they must be open to opinions and views coming from other people and not criticise their policies or beliefs. It’s all easy, it’s all being human and what humanity is all about. We might have entered a different era but certain fundamentals can never be changed, following them is the best possible way to avoid conflicts and communication is the key to almost everything ! So meet new people, make new friends and spread love and kindness :) 

Thus , this was all about what being healthy means to an individual in actual terms and how lightly we have taken the term health. Now it’s your turn to take a good look at yourself in the mirror and decide if you are healthy or not !

You know what to do :)