Poverty means inability to fulfill the needs of our own. Poverty is a state in which you don’t get proper food to eat, proper clothes to wear. Poverty is a condition that even if you fall sick you cannot afford to go to the hospital and take doctor’s consult. Poverty leads to malnutrition of young children. Poverty has an effect on education of a child. They cannot go to the school in which they want to study. They cannot persue their bachelor’s and master’s degree from the college they want. So because of this, poverty leads to the unemployment.

Poverty affects badly

Poverty is such a bane that it can lead to certain kinds of crimes. Now-a-days, you believe it or not but money is very important for everything. So if people don’t have money they forcefully have to indulge in these kind of activities. There are only few people who work hard to reduce their poverty levels and live their lives in a better way. Poverty leads to social inequality which in turn leads to the domination of rich. Rich people try to dominate people having less money. Not being able to fulfill the family needs is also a burden for the elders of the family. Poverty also leads to many suicidal cases. It leads to violence and people don’t live a better life which they actually deserve. Poverty is that thing which will prohibit you to do what you want. It is a bane to any country.

Problem for a country dued to poverty

If any Country possesses poverty, then the country is called economically poor and any strong powerful nation can capture it. Then the nation is recognized as an under-developed nation. The country also gets dominated because of the poverty of the country. Taking birth in a poor family is not our fault but dying in a poor family is definitely our fault and we should not do this fault. Nobody else can change our conditions and we have to work to change it. It is work of today’s youth to educate people and make them responsible in such a way that they can reduce the poverty of their families and spread awareness about education. If we do this slowly but steadily the county’s economic rate will increase and country will start developing and one day it will become developed. So it is our duty to put hands in hands and work together and reduce the poverty and live a better life.