First farmer suicide case came to news in the state of Maharashtra. The victim was SahebRao Karpe who ended his life due toagrarian crisis. He committed suicide along with his wife and four children leaving in Note with said, *" IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO SURVIVE AS A FARMER"*

It is recently observed that within last 5 years(2014-2018),14,034 farmers(that is eight farmers a day)committing suicide and over 4500 farmers ended their lives even after government sanctioned 34,000 crores loan waives in June 2017. Even after these most pathetic situation nothing has changed. The farm widows like Aruna Bhokarefrom Amaravati district are fasting almost everyday just to feed their children.

Near by 1.3 million people living in rural America have thoughts of suicide each year.

In India too it has a similar estimation.

Welfare funding is not curing the main reason of poverty it is only treating the symptoms.

There is a huge increment in loan waiver in agriculture sector. Farmers are dying due to indebtness. Due to need of expensive seeds and fertilizers, they take loans and these products are often marketed by foreign MNC's. They are not able to pay back to the loan lenders, banks due to poverty and farm-loss or natural calamity.

These pathetic situations become their life taking reasons. They feel that death is the only escape from the problems. They consume pesticides or poison from chemist shop or get hung with rope. They are not able to seek help from anywhere.

Surveyed in 2015 that at least 34 farmers committed suicide in India in this year.

The main cause of poverty is lacking of skills and economic opportunity. Government favouring liberalisation, globalisation has become one of the major reason of farmers getting poorer day by day.

Therefore government also looked after the matter and started Agricultural debt waiver and Debt Relief Scheme for the farmers which helped them and their family in paying back the loan principle and it's interest.

Climate change threatens India's crop production. Heavy rain Falls and at certain times frequency of drought increases leading to loss of livelihood of farmers. Use of relevant skills, opportunities, biotechnology methods, crop improvement methods and funding by government are some steps that can decrease tensions and problems from a farmers life.

They are the food resource of our nation, without them the whole Nation is just a drought land. Everyone will die hungry if these farmers don't live their life.


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Ayusmita Parida  •  1y  •  Reply
The government sees them as poor and underdeveloped people
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Aman Samantray  •  1y  •  Reply
This was a serious issue, most farmers suicide because of two reasons, 1. Due to extremely low productivity, 2. Due to not able to pay the loan they have taken from the bank etc. Which is why the farmers find no way of living and they commit suicide.