Every day people living in poverty

living on the street with nothing to eat they sit and hope and believe

because life's been unkind and so have we

poverty no longer an anomaly,a daily occurence

how can you not see that these kids are scared

angers flared why the hell do we not care

we walk past carry on our daily tasks

when these kids are waiting for their fate

rotting into a skin and bones carcass

we still don't donate

a rupee a day to poverty aid

just enough to keep these kids sane

and help them dump the shame and forget the abuse

that they've been through

sleeping on a bench, tree for shelter

kids not even teens sitting on their own

or in their mums arms scared to death equipt with firearms

fake a false smile cus they ain't charmed when we walk past

all they want is one blessing

for us to give to UNICEF

it's a test they'd rather be arrested than be depressed

on the street with cuts across their chest

cold with no shoes on their feet

nothing to eat and nowhere to sleep.